I. Замени подчёркнутые дополнения на подходящие местоимения her, him, them, us. 1) The father makes John ________________ walk the dog. 2) We would like our parents ______________ to donate money to the charity organisation. 3) Sam wants his mother ____________ to help him with Maths. 4) The teacher asks the pupils ______________ to organise a charity fair. 5) The mother asks my brother and me __________ to tidy the house. 6) The parents would like Mike ___________ to help in the garden. 7) I don’t make Kate ______________ donate money to charity. She does it on her own (сама). II. Write the sentences using the complex object 1. The Smiths want__________us to visit____________ (we, visit) them next month. 2. The teacher let ___________________ (the class, go) home early. 3. What does the teacher expect _________________________ (his pupils, do) during the lesson? 4. When do you expect ________________________ (they, arrive)? 5. The man wouldn’t like _____________________ (his son, become) a dentist. 6. Alice didn’t expect ______________________ (the exams, start) in April. 7. Don’t make ____________________________ (I, do homework). 8. Do you want _______________________ (she, volunteer) at the local hospital? 9. She made ________________________ (her daughter, do the chores). 10. Let ________________________ (Mary, explain) you everything. III. Fill in the right words. There is an extra word. Charitable, websites, donations, hospitals, need, helps, elderly. Most forms of charity mean providing basic items (вещи, предметы)of necessity, such as food, water, clothing, healthcare. There are so many ________________ organizations in the world today. They allow people to donate either directly or online, through (через) _______________. Charitable organizations also include (включают в себя) nursing homes, food banks, religious institutes and _______________ for the poor. Donating things you don’t use anymore is one of the forms of charity. Not everyone is lucky enough to have lots of toys or warm clothes for winter. Sometimes people simply can’t find the job to earn enough (достаточно) money. Others are sick, disabled or ________________ and can’t get around on their own. These are the cases when charity ____________. If everyone made charity a part of their life and helped those who are in ____________, the world would become a better place to live. Mother Teresa once said: “To truly give charity, you must be free of selfishness!” And, it’s true. The acts of charity come in many different forms.
Напишите перевод этого текста A. John and Kathy took their new cat to an animal hospital. They didn’t go far because the animal hospital was on their street. They knew that animal doctors, veterinarians, take care of sick animals, just as "people doctors" take care of sick people. B. Miss Green said that the doctor was ready to see Tom. John and Kathy placed Tom in the box on a table and Dr Janek examined him. He asked the children some questions. [[tIT that he showed them the animal hospital. Some animals were resting there after operations. C. they got home with "Tom", their mother helped them write an advertisement to put in the paper: kittens." Found - A Beautiful Orange Cat. "Can we keep one of the kittens?" asked Kathy. "I’m sure of it," her mother answered. D. That morning John and Kathy were finishing breakfast when they heard a meowing sound at the back door. They opened the door, and there was a fat orange cat. "Let’s call him Tom," Kathy said. But John and Kathy were worried. Tom was so fat (TOJICTbIH). And so lazy. Perhaps, he was sick. So they took Tom down the street to see their friend Dr Janek, the animal doctor. E. Then they came back to the doctor’s room. Their mother was there, too. "I think I’ve found out why your cat is so fat and lazy," the doctor told them. "In a few days she’s going to have F. Miss Green, the doctor’s assistant, met them at the door. she asked them to wait. There were other animals in the room. There was a small puppy with a plaster on its front leg. There was a yellow parrot that had a cold.