Задания » Заполнить пропуски

6. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, вставив глаголы в подходящей форме условного наклонения. Ответы внесите в лист ответов.
37. If you five chairs, we you the sixth one free. (buy, give) 3
8. If you the purchase agreement now, you a 5% discount on your next purchase. (sign, get)
39. We make some workers redundant if we more orders soon. (have to, not get)
40. They you for delivery if you more than a hundred, (not charge, order)
41. You better if you regular breaks from your computer. (feel, take)
42. If I my target for this quarter, I a large bonus. (meet, get)
43. If you your staff a pay rise this year, they happy. (not give, not be)
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8.8 Заполните пропуски глаголами в Past Continuous, учитывая длительность действия в главном и придаточном предложениях. Дополните предложения.
1. When my brother.I.(to watch, to listen). 2. When my friends.I.(to
’ play, to read). 3. When my mother.I.(to cook, to do). 4. When my father. my
sister.(to speak on the phone, to listen). 5. When my colleague.I.(to make a
translation, to tell words). 6. When I.my colleague.(to write, to smoke). 7. When our
secretary. the chief.(to send, to look). 8. When we.children.(tohave dinner, to play). 9. When children. we.and. (to sing, to sit, to listen).
10. When we.we.(to walk, to speak). 11. When I.my colleagues.
(to work, to have lunch).
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Заполните пропуски в диалоге, используя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Continuous.
Ann: How ____ your holiday at the seaside?
Ben: Oh, it ____ wonderful, thank you! We ____ great fun!
Ann: What (you / do)______________there?
Ben: In the mornings, while my parents still (have breakfast) _______, I (play) _____ tennis with my friend Harry. After that, at about 10 o’clock we (swim) _____ in the sea and (play)______ football on the beach.
Ann: Yes, that sounds good! And what (you / do)______ in the afternoons after your lunch?
Ben: After lunch (we / go)______ on some interesting excursions around the place
where (we / stay) _______ that week. In the evenings after dinner (we /watch)_______ films on TV or (we / play) _______ chess with my dad.
Ann: I see, and what (you / do)_______ between 5 pm and dinner time?
Ben: Well, when the weather was nice and warm, my friend and I (have fun)_______ at the seaside. We (swim)________or (play)_________volleyball on the beach.
Ann: Fantastic! Next time I’ll go with you.
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Упражнение 1. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужном времени и в нужной форме.
1. It sometimes (snows/is snowing) here in April. 2. It (snows/is snowing) now. 3. Every morning mother (cooks/is cooking) breakfast for us. 4. It is 8 o’clock now. Mother (cooks/ is cooking) breakfast. 5. Every day father (leaves/is leaving) the house at half past eight. 6. Now it is half past eight. Father (leaves/is leaving) the house. 7. We often (watch/are watching) TV. 8. Now we (sit/ are sitting) in armchairs and (watch/are watching) TV. 9. Sometimes Mike (does/is doing) his lessons in the evening. 10. Look at Mike. He (does/is doing) his lessons. 11. It often (rains/is raining) in September. 12. It (rains/is raining) now. 13. Every day the family (has/is having) tea at 5 oclock. 14. It is 5 o’clock now. The family (has/is having) tea.
Упражнение 2. Заполните пропуски, используя don’t, doesn’t, isn’t, aren’t или am not.
1. We … watching a television programme now. 2. We … watch television every day. 3. It… raining very hard at the moment. 4. I hear you well. 5. It rain very much in summer. 6. Mr Johnson eating his lunch now. 7. Mr Johnson always eat at that cafe. 8. I see any students in that room. 9. They like milk for lunch. 10. He have money for a new car.
Упражнение 3. Начните вопросы с do, does, is, are или am.
1. … you learn new words in each lesson?
2. … you learning the new words right now?
3. … she usually sit at the third desk?
4. … she sitting at the third desk today?
5. … you read many books every year?
6. … you reading an interesting book now?
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_______________________________________________________________7 A class
Заполните пропуски подходящей формой глагола to be в PresentSimple (am, is, are).
Can you close the window, please? I … cold.
I …11 years old. My sister …15.
My brother … a policeman.
John … afraid of dogs.
It … 10 o’clock. You … late again.
Ann and I … very good friends.
My shoes … very dirty. I must clean them.
… you tired? No, I … not.
How much …these postcards? They … 40 pence each.
Those shoes … nice. … they new?
Where … you from? I … from Canada.
What colour … your car? It … black.
Who … your favourite actor?
What colour … his eyes? His eyes … green.
… the shops open today? Yes, they ….
I wand to buy some milk. …our shop open now?
… you a teacher? No, I …a policeman.
… your parents at home? My mother … at home.
Where … my key? It … on the shelf.
Where … my socks? They … under the bed.
Заполните пропуски подходящей формой глагола tobe в PastSimple (was, were).
I … tired last evening.
The weather … nice yesterday.
They …not here last Sunday.
You … late yesterday.
Last year she … 22.
When I … a child, I … afraid of dogs.
We … tired after the journey but we. not hungry.
The hotel … very comfortable and it. expensive.
Where. you at3 o’clock yesterday afternoon?
… the weather good when you …on holiday?
Those shoes are nice. … they expensive?
Why … he angry yesterday?
… Marry at work yesterday? Yes, she ….
Our hotel room … very small and it … not very clean.
Kate got married when she … 24 years old.
I phoned you yesterday but you … not at home.
George … not at work last week because he … ill.
The shops … not open yesterday because it … a public holiday.
… you at home at 9.30? no, I …at work.
Paul … in the café yesterday.
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Прочитайте приведённый ниже текст. Преобразуйте слово, напечатанное заглавными буквами в скобках так, чтобы оно грамматически соответствовало содержанию текста. Заполните пропуск полученным словом it was friday night. Kevin came home (late) than usual. he looked tired but he was very pleased with (he). "We (complete) the whole job", announced Kevin as soon as he entered the apartament. "And we managed tto complete this project well before the deadline, which means." Angela, Kevin’s wife (paint) something at her easel. She was a doctor, a cardiologist, and her work in the hospital took a lot of energy. Painting was one of her favourite (hobby) which helped her realx. Angela (stop) painting and looked up at Kevin. "What does it mean?" she asked, "You sound like it means a promotion and salary rise." "Better. It’s even beetter than that. It means a week-off, strating from Monday! And if you manage to take a few days off in the hospital, we (go) travelling!" Angela (not/say) anything but smiled happily and gave Kevin a hug.
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1. Заполните пропуски:
A female person whose spouse has died and who has not married again is called.
A) a widower
B) an ex-wife,
C) a Widow
D) an ex-husband
2. Заполните пропуски
She’d better. Her bus leaves at 7.30.
A) hurry
B) to hurry
C) hurrying
D) to hurrying
3. Заполните пропуски
Someone who is related to you and who lived a long time ago is called.
A) a descendant
B) a child
C) an ancestor
D) a a tsar
4. Заполните пропуски
You shouldn’t hit.
this employee. Your criticism is unfair
A) on,
B) out:
C) up;
D) for
5. Заполните пропуски
If he. this song 2 years ago, he. part in the yesterday Concert
A) composed: would take
B) composed: would have taken
C) would have composed: had taken
D) had composed, Would have taken
6. Выберите слово, НЕ являющееся синонимом для остальных:
A) stunning:
B) striking
C) surprising
D) sensible
7. Заполните пропуски
. strange and unusual, sometimes in a way that upsets you.
A) lively
B) weird
C) sensitive
b) outgoing
8. Заполните пропуски
The witness saw. the front door of the bank at 5.30 p. m.
A) he enter
B) him entering
C) he to enter
D) him to entering
9. Выберите слово, НЕ обозначающее архитектурное сооружение
A) mansion
B) chapel
C) achievement
D) castle
10. Заполните пропуск
Their summit must. this year
A) to organize
B) be organized
C) organized
D) be organize
11. Заполните пропуск
A sympathetic person is a person.
A) who Is kind to someone who has a problem
B) who Is very beautiful
C) who has good table manners
D) who Is intelligent
12. Заполните пропуск
Kazan Cathedral. in St. Petersburg.
A) knows to be
B) is known to be
C) knows be,
D) is known be
13. Заполните пропуски
The monument. Queen Victoria was erected in front of Buckingham Palace
A) in
B) to
C) for
D) on
14. Выберете слово, к которому можно прибавить приставку dis-:
A) honest
B) believable
C) polite
D) dividedd
15. Заполните пропуск
The BBC reporter said that the G-20 meeting. in Hangzhou the previous year.
A) had held
B) would be held
c) had been held
D) has been held
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X. Заполните пропуски, используя местоимения some, any, no: 1) They haven’t got any visitors today. 2) Will you give me any catalogues to look through in the evening? 3) I want to wash my hair. Is there any shampoo? 4) It’s hot in this office. I’m going out for some fresh air. 5) I can do this job alone. I don’t need any help. 6) I see no telexes on my desk. Where are they? 7) Some people are hardworking, some are lazy. 8) "Are there any foreign newspapers on your table?" - "No, there are no foreign newspapers" 9) I would like to buy some mineral water. Let’s go to the supermarket.
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