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Помогите мне как произносить английский по русски и перевести его
I like the fall
The mist and all
I like the night owl"s lonely call
And wailing sound
Of wind around
I like the gray
November day
And dead, bare boughs that coldly sway
Against my pane
I like the rain
I like to sit
And laugh at it
And tend my cozy fire a bit
I like the fall
The mist and all
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Hi,my name’s John and I’m England. My house is a semi-detached house made of bricks. In my house there are three rooms downstairs and three rooms upstairs. Downstairs there is a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Some houses huge got a fireplace in the living room but we haven’t got one. We’ve got central heating ih all the rooms. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. All the rooms have got carpets to keep us warm. Outside the house there is a back garden and a front garden with a lot of flowers.
прочитать этот текст, произношение.
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Можно произношение !
I don’t have a favorite movie, but I do have a favorite show. It’s called thirteen reasons why. he fully discloses the fact that careless words and actions can destroy someone’s life. in this series, clay Jensen finds on the threshold of his house a box with audio cassettes recorded by Hannah Baker. He was in love with this girl at school until one day she committed suicide because of it. I think he’s teaching us to tell the truth,and he’s showing us that our wrongdoing can really hurt a person.
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Перевести на русское произношение английских слов:Five fat sausages frying in a pan
All of a sudden - one went "BANG"!
Four fat sausages frying in a pan
All of a sudden - one went "BANG"!
Three fat sausages frying in a pan
All of a sudden - one went "BANG"!
Two fat sausages frying in a pan
All of a sudden - one went "BANG"!
One fat sausage frying in a pan
All of a sudden - it went "BANG"!
And there were no sausages left
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Look!A clown!He is very funny!Look!A magician!And this is Cherry.Cherry is a chimp.She can swing and climb.And look at the dogs!The dogs can jump,dance and say "Hello!".Larry and Lulu like the circus.They are happy! Произношение.
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My room not big and not small it is medium. I love my room, i have a window in my room. I still have the door that closes my room from the guests, because there’s always a mess. There is also a bed on which a salute
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Напишите произношение:
Weather forecast
Be fed up with sth
How are you doing
It doesn’t suit me
It’s fabulous
It’s awful
It’s freezing
It’s raining
The sun is shining
What’s the weather like in?
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Правильное произношение на английодом но русскими буквами)

Mum: Frank, let’s lay the table for 5 o’clock tea. Do you remember whose cups these are?
Frank: I’m not quite sure. This cup is yours, isn’t it?
Mum: No, it’s different from mine. It’s much bigger. It’s your father’s.
Frank: OK. This one is Karen’s. And the red one is mine.
Mum: And all of them are ours, aren’t they?
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Произношение на русском!Yum!That looks delicious.A while later.Oh no!Look at the cake!Larry!Lulu!Look at this cake!Larry,was it you?No!I was in my room with Paco!Lulu?It wasn’t me!We were in the garden!Then,wlo was it?Hmm,l think l know!Look!Chuckles is having a chimp’c tea party! Произношение на русском!
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Birthday parties in England are a lot of fun!Children bring presents and cards for the Birthday Boy or Girl.Then the party begins! At the party there is always lots of food and drink.There are usually a lot of balloons in the room where the party is. The children wear party hats and play party games. After that its time for the birthday cake! The Birthday Boy or Girl blows out the candles and makes a birthday wish! Then everyone sings Happy Birthday.Birthday parties are great fun for everyone!
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Напишите произношение
1)Perth is the state capital of Western Australia. we learned that the Suburbs of Perth famous for its sandy beaches. One of the main entertainments’ of Perth - the ocean and the beach
2)We learned that basic attractions of Perth are the young tower - Swan Bell Tower built in 2000 year
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Напишите как читается произношение на русском
Guest - Hello
member of staff hotel’s-good afternoon
Guest- at you have a single room with a view of the centre?
member of staff hotel’s-Yes, we have a single room
Guest- How much will this number cost?
member of staff hotel’s-This room will cost you * 1500 rubles *for one night
Guest-How to can book?
member of staff hotel’s-You can book on our website *Booking.com*
Guest-Thank you, goodbye
member of staff hotel’s-Thanks for the call, we are waiting for you at our hotel,all the best to you
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произношение стиха
So many countries all over the world,
So many people life tales told!
Different cities, languages, poems,
Amazing, tradations, legends, stories.
We travel East, we trabel West
To know so much is best,
If South is warm, North is cold,
We start our trip and off we go!
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