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Right or wrong? Correct the verbs that are wrong. (The verbs are underlined.)
1. I’ ve lost my key. I can’ t find it. RIGHT
2. Have you seen Ann yesterday? WRONG : Did you see
3. I’ ve finished my work at 2 o’ clock.
4. I’ m ready now. I’ ve finished my work.
5. What time have you finished your work?
6. Sue isn’ t here. She’ s gone out.
7. Jim’ s grandmother has died in 1989.
8. Where have you been last night?
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Нужно высказать свое мнение или попытаться объяснить это высказывание- Marriage is bribe to make a housekeeper think she’s a householder. (если можно напишите на английском и на русском)
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Change the singular nouns in brackets to plural and supply them correctly.
a. Have you ever seen any. by Show? (play)
b. You should hide the. from. (knife, child)
e. Her. are very gentle. (son-il-law, person)
f. The. weren’t very polite. (passer-by)
g. The two. were afraid of. (woman, mouse)
h. These. had problems with their. (gentleman, tooth)
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Find the verbs that are used. Underline them. Найдите слова, указывающие на прошедшее время, и подчеркните их. Last Sunday my mother and father had their day off. We saw very big animals that lived many, many years ago. Mary didn’t do her homework yesterday. I was ill last month. Jill was in London last year. We had four tickets to the theatre. One day during the autumn holidays the pupils of our class went to the Darwin Museum. The pupils are writing now. I read Hamlet last year. He gets up at 7 o’clock every day. Did you eat dinner last night?
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Choose the article a/an/the or zero article "-". 1) I have dogs. I love them so much! 2) dog is white. Her name is Penny. 3) My brother has big weekend house. 4) polar bears are white. 5) sun isn’t so hot today. 6) I like this book. 7) My friend is engeneer in a factory. 8) John is Pola’s brother. 9) I don’t like flowers. 10) Please, tell to my mother that I don’t want to eat.
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Lanny (to return) home after seven years of absence. During these seven years he (to study) in Cape Town where his people(to send) him. В каких временах употребить и почему?
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Придумайте и запишите текст о любимом виде спорта (фихтование) на английском языке
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Interview your parents and find out they were and what they were doing: a) at 3 o’clock yesterday; b) at 8 o’clock in the evening; c) at 4 o’clock last Sunday; d) at this time yesterday; e) Iast holiday.
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Open the brackets and put the adjectives in the right form (comparative or superlative).
1. Which is (large): the United States or Cana­da? 2. What is the name of the (big) port in the United States? 3. Moscow is the (large) city in Russia. 4. The London underground is the (old) in the world. 5. There is a (great) number of cars and buses in the streets of Moscow than in any other city of Russia. 6. St. Petersburg is one of the (beau­tiful) cities in the world. 7. The rivers in America are much (big) than those in England. 8. The is­land of Great Britain is (small) than Greenland. 9. What is the name of the (high) mountain in Asia? 10. The English Channel is (wide) than the straits of Gibraltar.
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1.They (to spend ) their free time in thi park.
2.Our mother (to cook ) every day for us
3.I(to like) the singing birds
4.People (to call) Rostov-on Don the gateway to the Causaus
4.Helen (to meet) her friends near the University.
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16 Put the verbs in brackets into the Present continuous, the Present perfect or the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.
2) Sally and James (to gather) raspberries in the garden now. They (to gather) raspberries for two hours, but they (not to gather) enough for jam by now.
3) We (to prepare) for exams at the moment. We (to prepare) since nine o’clock revise) all the rules by now.
4) What Mary (to do) now? She (to take) a shower. She (to wash) in the bathroom for half an hour now.
5) here (to be) Dick He (to repair) his motorbike in the garage at the moment. He (to repair) it for two days and he (not to finish) yet.
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Вставить слова из скобок. His name (to be) Mike. Mike (to be) four. My brother (to be) a little boy. He (to be) nice and funny. Mike (not to go) to school. Our Granny (to look) after him. My brother (to like) to play hide-and-seek with our dog. He (not to read) well. But Mike (to paint) very weel. Every week-end we (to spend) in the country. In winter Mike (to play) snowballs or (to make) a snowman. In summer he (to bathe) in the lake. Mike (not to swim) well. My brother and I (to like) to build sand-castles on the beach. I (to like) my brother.
1. What (to be) brother is name?
2. How old (to be) Mike?
3. He (to go) to school?
4. Who (to look) after him?
5. What game Mike (to like) to play?
6. With whom he (to play) hide-and-seek?
7. He (to read) well?
8. How well Mike (to paint)?
9. Where they (to spend) every weekend?
10. What Mike (to do) in winter?
11. Where he ( to bathe) in summer?
12. Mike (to swim) well?
13. What they (to build) on the beach?
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Think of three interesting things to so or see and ask if your friend has ever done cor seen them.Mention something you have never done and ask if he or she would like to do this.
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The Beatles recorded together until 1970. True 2) False 3) unstated A6 The three Beatles wanted to record only their old hits True 2) False 3) unstated
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Match the definitions with the energy kinds.
a) hydroelectric 1.comes from moving turbines or mills
b) solar energy 2.oil, gas, coal which ontribute global warming while burning
c) nuclear 3.comes from flowing water in rivers, waterfalls and streams
d) wind 4.comes from the sun and can be saved using panels
e) geothermal 5.comes from splitting toms, and produces dangerous waste

Fill in the gaps with the words from the box

a) population b)live c)farmland d)sources e) gradually f)demand

1.For the thousands of years, the population of the world increased.
2.By the year 2050, researchers predict that the. of the world will be 9.1 billion.
3.We don’t know how people will choose to. in the future.
4.Today, for fresh water is greater han before.
5.It is very important to increase the amount of.
6.We have many different. of energy.
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She is in great form because (every week / goes / she / to the gym). I think (likes / Susan / you). I can’t talk to you because (time / do not have / I / now). We are glad that (at home / did not leave / we / our umbrella. I will miss him when (to Chicago / moves / he). They don’t know where (have left / the key / they). Ring me if (have / you / a problem). I’d like to know why (her holiday / does not spend / she / in France. They told him that (wanted to play / they / tennis). He was reading the paper while (she / in the garden / was working).
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Переведите в Passive Voice.
1. Please don"t make me drink milk. 2. She could not make him go to bed early. 3. The dog made the cat climb the tree. 4. The teacher made her rewrite the exercise. 5. She made the dog jump over the fence. 6. He made his brother jump into the water. 7. The rain made us return home. 8. Make her put on her coat: it is very cold today. 9. Why didn"t you make your son learn the poem? 10.1 can"t make my cat catch mice. 11. When will you make your friend do his morning exercises?
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. I ____ not go out today: it is too cold. 2. ____ I take your pen? — Yes, please. 3. We ____ not carry the bookcase upstairs: it is too heavy. 4. We ____ not carry the bookcase upstairs ourselves: the workers will come and do it. 5. When ____ you come to see us? — I ____ come only on Sunday. 6. Shall I write a letter to him? — No, you ____ not, it is not necessary. 7. ____ you cut something without a knife? 8. Peter ____ return the book to the library. We all want to read it. 9. Why ____ not you understand it? It is so easy. 10. ____ we do the exercise at once? Yes, you do it at once.
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There are many you can visit in London. With numerous the city is considered to be a great tourist attraction and a fun to go to. The capital is located on the Thames which makes the city look mysterious. Crossing it, you can enjoy the on the Tower of London and the House of Parliament. The Tower of London is an place which was built in 1066. It is used to be a for kings and, and after that it became a prison where were kept for a long time.
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