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There are many famous people that I admire. Most of them are talented in one or more fields. My favorite celebrity is Johnny Depp. He has played in many movies that were block-busters in Hollywood, then he won a lot of awards. Besides, Depp is also a screenwriter, director, producer, and a musician. So, what makes him become my hero? It is not his awards or his successful job, but his life journey. Of course he is not a type of person that has had a perfect life or does charity for others like Mother Theresa or others, but actually, even in the dark life, there must be a little light that will brighten up that life.He was born in Kentucky, the USA. Unfortunately, he did not have a happy-go-lucky childhood because he had to live not just in one or two, but more than twenty places. His family often moved from one place to another, because of his father’s job. The bad thing happened when he was 15 years old. His parents were divorced. This family problem made the last member in the Depp family stressed and depressed. This situation become worse when he started to drinking, smoking, and doing drugs. He even tried to do self-harm by cutting himself with a knife on some different occasions that made him have a series of seven or eight scars on his left forearm. One year after his parents divorced, he dropped out from high school in a hope to become a rock musician. He got his first guitar from his mother when he was 12 years old and then, he started to play it in various garage bands. One of Johnny’s garage band, The Kid, enjoyed modest local success. 

The first big movie where he starred was “Nightmare on Elm Street”, although he had taken some smaller parts before. He became really popular after appearing in television series for teens “21 Jump Street”. But his most popular role is Captain Jack Sparrow from «Pirates of the Caribbean Sea». I also liked his performance in «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory», «Alice in Wonderland», «Secret Window» and «The Tourist». He has a certain style of acting, which distinguishes him from the crowd of other actors. Johnny Depp’s life is an inspiration for me. Many hard times came to him, bad times made him down, but he has proven that he can go the distance. He dares to take the most challenging acts possible which make him be honored. His talents make me call him "The eccentric actor." Even now he is more famous but still he doesn’t become an arrogant person, he is still honorable, he is still a caring person. He’s still the same like he was. His life makes me believe that to try something different is not a horrible thing, it is a fun thing if we live in it. He makes me realize that life still has many good things to fight for.