Задания » Complete the sentences

Complete the phrases with the correct prepositions and then use them to complete the sentences.
look good ……….;
………. fashion;
………. a change;
appeal ……….;
pay attention ……….;
addicted …………. ;
popular ………….
This group are very ………… ……………. young people.
We always stay in. Why don’t we go out ………………………….
Bright colours are ………………………… this season.
On the one hand, I like this suit. But on the other, the colour ………….
……………………………. me.
You really …………………………………. this blue pullover. It matches your eyes.
Although I like playing football with my friends at weekends, I can’t say I ……………………………………. it.
He never ……………………………………… things which seem to be not so important.

! Все предложения перевести письменно.
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2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs brackets. Use the present simple
and will.
1 If we __________ (fly) less when we travel, it __________ (reduce) pollution.
6 Some endangered species __________ (become) extinct if we __________ (not protect) them.
7 We __________ (not be) late if Dad __________ (give) us a lift.
8 If our natural resources __________ (run out), humans __________ (not have) enough energy
to survive on Earth.
9 More people __________ (have) homes if we __________ (build) larger houses.
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Упражнение 10. Join two sentences into one using if.
1. It will rain today. We shall not go for a walk.
2. Don’t move. You’ll fall down.
3. The wind will change. There will be snow.
4. I’ll be careful. I will not break the cups.
5. You have free time now. Come for a walk with me.
6. I’ll go hiking in summer. I’ll see a lot of interesting things.
7. He’ll go shopping. He’ll buy some exercise-books for me.
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Задание Add tags to the sentences to make up questions
1)It is Vera’s school,
2)There are some pencils on Ted’s desk,
3)You can see a pen under the teacher’s table,
4)Kate has got a lot of interesning books,
5)Our parents will come to school tomorrow,
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1.Chose the approprivate words to complete the sentences.
a) Jane bouth the (latest/last) copy of today’s paper. There were no more in the shop.
b) I’ve just know that Kate’s (older/elder) sister is a teather.
c) His (last/latest) words before he died were:"Forgive me"
2. Report the following questions. ( Futur in the past)
a) Ken: What film will you see at the weekend?
b) Sue: I will go to cinema at night.
c) Johr: Kate, will you buy tickets for thr ballet.
3. Choose the right forms to complete the sentences.
1)-Does he know the name of his (nearest/next)-door nighbor?
2)- Excuse me,where is the (nearest/next) telephone box?
3)- What is your (nearest/next) question.
4)- Jane lives (nearest/next) to rhe school of all of us.
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Rewrite these sentences as special questions.
Пример: 1) We would like to see three foreign countries next summer.
How many foreign countries would you like to see?
2) People speak French in France and Canada.
3) I am fond of old Russian songs.
What songs_____
4) Most people in the world speak English.
What language_____
5) Paris is the capital of France.
6) Columbus discovered America in 1492.
7) Spain is in Europe.
8) People speak different languages as they live in different countries.
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Open the brackets. Give two variants of the following sentences. Use to let sb do sth and to allow sb to do sth.1.Kostya (to allow, to let) his cousin (to use) his camera in Pidhirtsi.2. Mum (not to allow, not to let) Alina (to surf the Internet) for a long time.3."I wonder, will mum (to allow, to let) me (to go) to the Oleshko Castle?" Mary thought.4. The teacher(not to allow, not to let) the pupils (to hide) in the castle.5. Robert ( to allow, to let) his younger sister (to see) the exhibits which are witnesses of the medieval times.6. Parents(not to allow, not to let) the children(to stay) in the castle for night.
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с переводом 16 билета
I. 1. Read the article and say in 2—3 sentences what it is about.
Wemmick’s house was a little wooden cottage in the middle of a large garden. The top of the house had been built and painted like a battery loaded with guns. I said I really liked it. I think Wemmick’s house was the tiniest I had ever seen. It had very few windows and the door was almost too small to get in.
‘Look,’ said Wemmick, after I have crossed this bridge, I raise it so that nobody can enter the Castle.’
The ‘bridge’ was a plank1 and it crossed a gap about four feet2 wide and two feet deep. But I enjoyed seeing the smile on Wemmick’s face and the pride with which he raised his bridge. The gun on the roof of the house, he told me, was fired every night at nine o’clock. I later heard it. Immediately, it made an impressive sound.
‘At the back,’ he said, ‘there are chickens, ducks, geese, and rabbits. I’ve also got my own little vegetable garden and I grow cucumbers. Wait until supper and you’ll see for yourself what kind of salad I can make. If the Castle is ever attacked, I will be able to survive for quite a while,’ he said with a smile, but at the same time seriously.
Then Wemmick showed me his collection of curiosities. They were mostly to do with being on the wrong side of the law: a pen with which a famous forgery3 had been committed, some locks of hair, several manuscript confessions written from prison.
‘I am my own engineer, my own carpenter, my own plumber and my own gardener. I am my own Jack of all Trades4,’ said Wemmick, receiving my compliments. Wemmick told me that it had taken many years to bring his property to this state of perfection.
‘Is it your own, Mr. Wemmick?’
‘Oh yes, I have got a hold of it a bit at a time. I have absolute ownership now. You know, the office is one thing, and private life is another. When I go to the office, I leave the Castle behind me, and when I come to the Castle, I leave the office behind me. If you don’t mind, I’d like you to do the same. I don’t want to talk about my home in a professional manner.
1 plank [plæŋk] брус, доска
2 feet [fiːt] — мн. Ч. От foot — мера длины, равная 30,48 см
3 forgery [ˈfɔdʒərɪ] подделка
4 Jack of all Trades мастер на все руки
2. ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’. Read aloud the extract which proves this idea.
3. What do we understand about Wemmick’s home life?
4. Why does Wemmick call himself Jack of all Trades?
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The following sentences are direct speech. Complete each sentence below using reported speech.
1. She said, "How many hours a day do you watch TV?"
2. She said, "Don’t write a letter to Ann."
3)He asked, "What magazines do you prefer to read?"
She said, "Tom is leaving tomorrow night."
"Have you had your hair cut?", my mother asked me.
The chief ordered, "Go to the theatre and book the tickets."
She said, "Kent has visited many countries in western Europe."
I said, "Don't drink coffee at night, you will not sleep."
He read, "The south of England is warmer than the North."
10."Are you going to pick up the phone?", Miranda asked him.
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The picture was taken at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon just before an earthquake happened. what was each person doing? Use these verbs/phrases eat a sandwich,sleep, talk on the phone, rain, play video games, read a magazine, cook to complete the sentences Jenny Steve Sue and Tony Max Mrs Smith Outside, it Mr Smith
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Помогите сделать тест по Англ
1. Use Present Perfect Continuous to complete the sentences.
Remember: have/has been + V.ing !
• It’s seven pm. I (wash) the dishes since six pm.
• We (work) since morning.
• Dad (watch) TV.
• Sarah (cook) dinner for two hours.
• The book is difficult to read. I (read) it for a month.
• They (sleep) for 10 hours!
• Her eyes were red. It was clear she (cry).
• Mr. Thompson (wait) for 3 hours.
• I (do) my homework since seven o’clock.
• The teacher (examine) all the students for 4 hours.
• It (rain) for several days.
• Liz (paint) in her room since morning.
• Alec (stand) there since 6 o’clock.
• Sam (study) French for 5 years.
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Ex. 3. Rewrite the sentences in the passive.
1. Mrs Evans marks the exam papers.
2. A famous reporter interviewed her.
3. Architects design houses.
4. They grow coffee in Brazil.
5. They delivered my new computer on Friday.
6. One of the students broke the window.
7. Jon Allan designed her costume.
8. Someone hid the treasure map in a secret place.
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Ex. 1. Complete with present simple passive.
1. Ice cream __________ from cream and sugar. (make)
2. Bananas _________ in hot countries. (grow)
3. London __________ by thousands of tourists every year. (visit)
4. I __________ to Jenny’s party. (invite)
5. Lunch _________ at half past twelve. (serve)
6. The animals _________ three times a day. (feed)
7. The Geography class _________ by Mr Green. (teach)
8. The rooms _________ every four years. (paint)
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Choose the correct words to complete the voice mails.
Danny? It’s Keira. You’re a star! Sounds perfect. Bill must earn a lot to put a (1)deposit/loan down on a house in Oldham Street! Tell him that i’d love to come round and see the room. Do you know how much he wants (2)for/per week? And i’d need to move (3)into/in by the end of next weekif that’s ok.

Hi! Glad to be able to help, Keira. Sorry, i don’t know what he’s (4)costing/charging, but it won’t be outside your (5)expenses/budget. And i imagine it includes electricity and gas, so you wouldn’t have to worry about (6)payments/bills like that. Bill doesn’t earn that much - he’s a(n) (7)house/estate agent and i guess that’s how he got the house cheap! Anyway, i’ll email you the details and tell him what a wonderful (8)tenant/sitter you would be. Of course, as long as i can come to the (9)housewarming/housewelcoming party!

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Complete the sentences with your own ideas. 1. Different illnesses will easily be cured …. 2. Today there is no need to send letters by mail, because. 3. I think, doctors will be able to cure diseases, which. 4. Autistic* people can use computers as well, because. 5. All schools are well equipped with computers today and ….
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Right or wrong correct the sentences that are wrong 1. Tom started last week his new job. 2 I want to speak English fluently.3Jane bought for her friend a present.4 I drink every three cup of coffee.5 Dont eat your dinner too quickly ! 6 I borrowed from my brother fifty pounds.
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Complete the following sentences. Give your reason for each statement.
Example: studying well is a students just can’t study better than they do
1) studying well is a student’s personal business because.
2)If teenagers are allowed to talk freely about their problems.
3)I wouldn’t like to learn the suspects that have nothing to do with real life because
4)it’s important that students are allowed to wear whatever they choose because
5) most students believe that the school rules should be neither strict nor too free because.
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Complete the verbs:
Pupils in Britain can l_____ school when they are 16.
If you f_____ one of your exams, you can take in again next year.
I want to s______ German at the university, because I’d like to live in Germany.
I have really important exam tomorrow so I need to r______ tonight.
Put the correct form of the verb:
If you ____ (not ask) for a pay rise, you won’t get one.
I ____ (not complain) if I had their lifestyle.
His teacher won’t be angry if he _____ (tell) her the truth.
He ______ (not do) such a dangerous job unless he enjoyed it.
I ___ (buy) you a present if you are good.
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4. In England the weather is ______
A. sunny
B. snowy
C. rainy
5. Dover is _________
A. in France
B. in England
C. in Spain
6. It s often _________in England
A. wet
B. dry
C. very cold
7. Complete the expressions
. a________of toothpaste
. a________of milk
. a__________of oil
a_________of oinment
8. find good advice for each problem
a toothache-
a bad headache-
the flu-
a cough-
9.What shouldn t people do to protect environment. Write 2-3 tnings
10. What should people do to protect environment. Write 2-3 things
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III. Combine sentences according to the given model: Anna (old Jane.Anna is older than Jane. This book (interesting that book. This book is more interesting than that one. 1. The weather today (bad) yesterday.2.This week I feel (good) last week. 3. London (big) Paris. 4. Girls (clever) boys. 5. The sun (bright) the moon. 6. Cats (intelligent) dogs. 7. Men (sensible) women. 8. The English (polite) Americans 9. Phisics (hard) chemistry. 10. Boys 9sensitive) girls. 11. Chris (serious) his younger brother. 12.The air in the morning (cool in the daytime. 13. Some people (honest) others. 14. A car (comfortable) the metro. 15. This dress (elegant the old one. 16. For talks six o’clock (convenient) eight.
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Упражнение 1. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect.
1. I ________ (never/ be) to the USA. I ______ (want) to go there last summer but I couldn’t
2. He _______ (live) in this street all his life.
3. His father ________ (come back) to London last Sunday.
4. Yan __________ (write) a letter to Nick two days ago.
5. He ________ (send) his letter yesterday.
6. They _______ (just/ buy) some postcards.
Упражнение 2. Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect.
1. You (ever work) ______ in a shop?
2. I (work) ______ at my uncle’s shop when I was younger.
3. It’s the first time I (be) ______ on a ship.
4. Ann is looking for her key. She can’t find it. She (lose) ______ her key.
5. How many symphonies Beethoven (compose) ______?
6. Look! Somebody (spill) ______ ink on the notebook.
7. You (have) ______ a holiday this year yet?
8. You (see) ______ any good films recently?
9. He (have, not) ______ any problems since he (come ) ______ here.

For или since?
Упражнение 3. В письме есть 4 ошибки на использование for и since. Найдите и исправьте их. These are some sentences from Nigel’s letter home from Africa. He has made four mistakes in using ‘for’ and ‘since’. Correct his mistakes.
Dear Mum and Dad,
I’ve lived in Africa since two weeks and I love it! Africa is beautiful! I haven’t travelled to any faraway place for last summer. I’m so happy now!
I’ve already seen Mr. Rambler. He is working for WWF here and taking photos of wild animals. I haven’t seen any lions yet. I think I’ll see them later.
Thank you for the trip. I’ve dreamed of Kenya for my childhood. I haven’t seen you since ages! I miss you so much!
Love, Nigel.
Упражнение 4. Дополните предложения словами for или since. Complete the sentences. Use for or since.
I’ve lived in Washington _____ 1997.
Ben has studied English _____ three years.
They haven’t visited their grandparents _____ months.
Julie’s ill. She’s been in bed _____ Tuesday.
My dad has had his car_____ sixteen.
It’s been ten years_____ we moved to Oxford.
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Put the words in the correct order to make sentences
1.plays/afternoon/Stella/always/with her cat/in/the
3.we/our dog/give/never/chocolate
4.Paula and Rachel/for/late/often/are/work
5.in/the/Simon/usually/walks/evening/his dog
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5. Turn the sentences into the Present Perfect.
1. She works as a nurse.
2. She wrote three letters.
3. The Browns are visiting us.
4. He passed his exams.
5. I phoned him three times.
6. We cleaned the room.
7. He brushed his teeth.
8. My class went to London.
9. I spent my holidays in France.
10. I read an interesting book.
11. They hepled their grandparents in the garden.
12. Tom and Jack played football in the yard.
6. Fill in the chart in your exercise book.
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Recast the sentences below into indirect speech.
1. Mary said, "We can walk in the park if you like".
2. Nancy said, "I’m sorry I didn’t come yesterday".
3. Peter remarked, "I don’t know when The Coca Cola Company was founded".
4. My granny used to say, "There are so many people who don’t observe any rules".
5. He said, "Our new neighbour always dresses so elegantly".
6. My boyfriend said to me, "I have missed you so much lately".
7. The students said to the teacher, ’We didn’t mean to disrupt the class".
8. My colleague said, "I entirely agree with you".
9. Judy said to Clara, "Melanie had a baby in May".
10. The department head said, "We’ll have to make some changes in the schedule".
11. My guest said, "I usually have three spoonfuls of sugar with my tea".
12. Megan said, "Last year we went to Austria".
13. Tom complained, "I’m very tired. I had very little sleep last night".
14. The mother said to her children, "A trip to a wildlife park is too expensive for us".
15. The father scolded his son, "You can’t spend the whole days lazing about".
16. Amanda said dreamily, "In two weeks I’ll be far away from here".
17. Vic said, "In my childhood I had a nanny, who was always smiling".
18. Mr. Sandford promised, "The new equipment will have been installed by May,
19. Marcella said, "I have just got an e-mail from Steve".
20. Ann said to her husband, "In the morning the toys were lying all over the room".
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Write sentences about the past (yesterday/last week etc.).
Например:He always goes to work by car.Yesterday HE WENT TO WORK BY CAR.
1)They always get up early.This morning they.
2)Bill often loses his keys.He.last Saturday
3)I write a letter to Jane every week.Last week.
4)She meets her friends every evening.She.yesterday evening.
5)I usually read two newspapers every day.esterday
6)They come to my house every Friday.Last Friday.
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Use the right verb forms to complete the sentences and write them down.
2)We (play) snowballs as soon as there (be) a lot of snow.
3)After my mother (iron) the new dress, I (wear) it.
4)If she (do) everything right, nothing dangerous (happen).
5)As soon as autumn (come), it (rain) a lot.
6)If Bob (train) a lot, he (win) the game.
7)Nick (put) on his pyjamas before he (go) to bed.
8)Mary (sing) the song after she (remember) the words.
9)If Ben (become) rich, he (buy) a new house.
10)As soon as father (come) home, he (take) off his raincoat.
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английский язык
Complete the sentences with the verds in brakets in the past simple or the present perfect.
1)The tourists. (just/come) into the musems.
2)The girls looks surprised. She. (never/get) any letters.
3). (be) you to Lake Baikl? No I. not. But. I want to go there once.
4)We. (turn) to the righet, (cross) the square and. (see) the theatre.
5)He is very tired. We. ( just/run) a morathon.
6)The children. (go) to the Hermitage yesterday.
7)I.(cook) a sweet pizza. Would you like to try.
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