Задания » Эссе на тему

Напишите эссе на английском на тему «Life in the Society»
Опираясь на план :
Paragraph 1
Introduce the subject and express your opinion
Paragraph 2
First viewpoint
Paragraph 3
Second viewpoint
Paragraph 4
Restate your opinion
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Bus — Автобус
Train — Поезд
Plane — Самолет
Metro, Subway (USA), Underground (or tube) (Britain) — Метро
Ticket — Билет
Route — Маршрут
Bus stop — Остановка автобуса
Ticket counter — Билетная касса
One-way ticket (Single ticket) — Билет в один конец (туда)
Round trip ticket (Return ticket) — Билет туда и обратно
Station — Станция, вокзал
Bus station — Автобусная станция
Railway station — Железнодорожный вокзал
Travel agency — Бюро путешествий
Bus / train fare — Стоимость проезда на автобусе / поезде
Bus pass — Проездной на автобус
Bus trip — Поездка на автобусе
Bus route — Маршрут автобуса
Passenger train — Пассажирский поезд
Commuter train — Пригородный поезд
Bus driver — Водитель автобуса
Train conductor — Проводник поезда
Vacant — Свободно
Occupied или Engaged — Занято
Out of order — Не работает
No smoking — Не курить
Private — Частная собственность
No entry — Вход воспрещен
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Rewrite the sentences. Use the word in brackets without changing it.
I started writing this essay three hours ago. (for)
We didn’t need many tables and chairs for the meeting, (furniture)
They watched the news and then decided to run away, (had)
Mike is very similar to his older brother, (resembles)
Mike a lot.
He wanted no money for this work, (didn’t)
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Эссе на английском языке на тему "Моя профессия - бухгалтер"
Мини-эссе на 3-7 предложений.
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Эссе на английском языке на тему "Моя профессия - экономист"
Нужно мини эссе на 3-7 предложений.
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Эссе на английском языке на тему "Моя профессия - финансист"
Нужно мини эссе на 3-7 предложений.
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Перевести текст Each year, the top high-school science students in the United States enter the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. This contest is the most prestigious of its kind. Finalists of this competition win cash awards in the thousands and have very high chances of being accepted to the top universities of the USA. The competition has been called the “Junior Nobel Prize”, a nickname that is quite merited considering six finalists have become Nobel Prize winners. The selection process is highly competitive and depends not only on the high-level scientific research paper but also recommendations, essays, test scores, and high school transcripts. Each year, the top 300 applicants are announced in mid-January. In late January, the 40 finalists are informed; they compete in March in Washington, D.C. at the National Academy of the sciences for the top ten spots, which have scholarships ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 for the first prize winner. In addition, all finalists receive $5,000 scholarships and an IntelCentrino powered laptop. The Nobel Prizes were founded by Swedish industrialist and scientist Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite in 1866. Alfred Nobel was many talents rolled in one as he worked as chemist, engineer and industrialist. Also, he could speak 5 languages fluently at the age of 17. He left 31 million Swedish kroner (today about 265 million dollar) to fund the Nobel Prizes. In his will dated November 27, 1895, Nobel dedicated a mammoth share of his fortune to honour work by awarding prizes in five areas - Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, and Peace. The Nobel Prizes are announced in advance but distributed every year on December 10 to mark the death anniversary of Alfred Nobel. The prize consists of a medal with inscription "Inventasvitamjuvatexcoluisse per artes," which in loose translation means - "And they who bettered life on earth by new found mastery.", personal diploma and cash worth 8 million Swedish kroner (roughly equal to $1.1 million US dollars as of october 2014). 1. Why do high-school students in the USA want to be called the “Junior Nobel Prize”? 2. Whom were The Nobel Prizes founded by? 3. Is it possible for any scientist to be a Nobel Prizes Winner? 4. When does the ceremony take place? 5. What is written on the medal? a) Knowledge arranged in an orderly manner. _______________ b) One who asks for a tries to get something. _______________ c) A payment of money to a clever student to enable him to continue his education. _______________ d) One’s destiny or future fate. _______________ e) Words cut on stone or stamped on a coin or medal. _______________
1 mark for each correct answer_________/5
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Помогите написать эссе на тему "Семейные развличения" 5-6 предложений. На английском !
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Почему интернет так популярен в наши дни ( подробно написать)
Почему интернет был опасным
Зачем интернет используют
Вывод Ваше отношение к интернету
очень подробно написать
на русском
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