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Life in The society
Today i am going to discuss life in the society.In my opinion the society is the key to success. And without a doubt let’s get into discussion.
 In my point coming the society was logical evolution of people that lived a long long time ago.Let’s take a simple example. You are a farmer,and you grow rice. But you want to bake a pie. For it you need a lot of different ingredients. But you don’t grow them. What do you do? You go to the nearest farm,on which your neighbor grows wheat,and offer him an exchange: you give him rice,he gives you wheat. This is how society started to form long time ago. 
But it is good,when you’r neighbors grow everything what you need. But if the farm,which grows what you need is a long way from you’r own? And if the things what you need,like  seashells are in thousands kilometers from you? That is how malls and shopping centers started to form. I am telling all that,because i want to prove you that society was a logical evolution,and life in it is good. Though you need to offer something yourself,in exchange you can get basically everything. Nowadays instead of wheat and rice we use money. You sell rice,get money,and buy a phone for them. Isn’t that cool?
So I proved you,that society is good,but life in it isn’t so easy. But people need society,otherwise the world would be dead already.