Insert the required tense (Passive Voice).
1. "I don’t want

... to hear another word. I __ never __ so __ in my whole life, (to insult) (/. Shaw)
2. But what shall I do if you __? (to kill) (Shaw)
3. Godfrey waited, before he spoke again, until the ale __ and the door __ (to bring, to close) (Eliot)
4. In whatever spare time he could find, he read the current research journals, trying to understand the implications of the experiments which __ throughout the world, (to perform) (Wilson)
5. Merriman, order the dog-cart at once. Mr. Ernest __ suddenly to town, (to call back) (Wilde)
6. Upon the Doctor and the widow the eyes of both Mr. Tuprnan and his companion __ for some time, when the stranger broke silence, (to fix) (Dickens)
7. In 1834, the Houses of Parliament, with the exception of Westminster Hall __ by fire. They __ ’. by Sir Charles Barry, (to destroy, to rebuild)
8. "I’m afraid that we’re going to have to move," he said. "This lab won’t be big enough for us after all. But there’s a double room on the eleventh floor that __ " (to use — negative) (Wilson)
9. Lanny noticed that he __ by three white men from the coffee stall on the other side of the road, (to watch)
10. It was past eleven o’clock — a late hour for the little village of Cobham — when Mr. Pickwick retired to the bedroom which __ for his reception, (to prepare) (Dickens)
11. We __. if we __, but never mind, (to scold, to see) (Ch. Bronte)
12. The Nobel Prize __ to him in 1924 when the advent of wave mechanics had revealed the importance of his work, ten years after his famous experiment __ (to give, to perform) (Wilson)
13. The camp of peace will not allow the outbreak of a new war that __ by the imperialists. (to prepare)
14. I called. to ask if a diamond brooch of mine __ (to find) (Wilde)
15. The tea-things __ scarcely ___ when the London coach deposited Mr. Weller, senior, at the door, (to put away) (Dickens)
16. Annette’s most valuable stone was ruby, which __ to her when she was twelve by an Indian prince who was in love with her mother, (to give) (Murdoch)
17. He [Jim] put down his pail. and bent over the toe with absorbing interest while the bandage __ (to unwind) (Twain)
18. He carefully examined the contents of his case, and did not speak again until the beer __ and he had paid for it. (to bring) (Priestley)
19. The little patient — and __, and now lay composed in her crib, (to examine, to soothe) (Ch. Bronte)
20. It was an idea that __ at that moment __ by Colonel Melchett and Colonel Bantry. (to discuss) (Christie)
21. Lanny __ cruelly, heartlessly in the way Sara __ When he __, the barking of a dog __ It __ by hurried footsteps, (to beat, to beat, to beat, to hear, to follow).


1. have never been so insulted
2. are killed
3. was brought, was closed
4. are performed
5. has been called back
6. were fixed
7. were destroyed, were rebuilt
8. isn’t used
9. had been watched
10. had been prepared
11. shall be scolded, are seen
12. was given, had been performed
13. is being prepared
14. had been found
15. had scarcely been put away
16. had been given
17. was being unwound
18. had been brought
19. had been examined, soothed
20. was being discussed
21. was beaten, had been beated, was being beated, was heard, was followed