нужно написать письмо 100-120 слов, ответить на 3 вопроса …Yesterday was a special day –

... we had the Earth Hour. My town (and lots of towns around) went dark for one hour. It’s one of the ideas of an ecological group called the Green Movement. We switched off the lights to draw people’s attention to the poor ecological situation on the planet … Do people have the Earth Hour in your country? What can people do to save energy in their everyday life? Do you approve of the Green Movement, why?


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I was really happy to get your letter. Sorry I haven’t written for so long, but I was very busy with my school.
It’s  a nice idea to celebrate   such a special day like the Earth Hour.  As I know, there is the Earth day in Russia and it’s celebrated on the 22d of April.
Most people in our country try to save energy. They do it in different ways. Some of them use electricity only if they need it and don’t waste it. Others use solar batteries, it helps to save energy. 
I certainly approve the Green Movement because it’s very important to save our planet from pollution and keep it green and healthy and they do a lot for it.
Sorry, but I have to go. I promised my little sister to help her with her English.
Keep in touch!
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