Нужно сочинение на тему «мой сад» на английском.


On vacation, I am often in the country with his grandparents. This lodge is located near the station Keb ten kilometers from Pskov. And can be reached by bus and train. But the train ride more interesting.After the station starts Keb pine forest. It is good, clean air. In the summer we go to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries. In winter, we’ll see a lot of animal tracks. Spring in the forest grow lilies.All surrounded by a forest cottage.On the edge of a forest ranger is a house. Chickens running around the house, the Forester has a few horses and cows.On the way to our cottage river flows Keb. In it, I swim and catch fish. Near the river there is a pond. Before, I was fishing in it, but now it was not there for some reason, were frogs, toads and water beetles.I always love to visit the country, in the nature.

Especially beautiful in the garden in the spring, when trees begin to blossom and there is the first bright green foliage.
In the garden is a unique flavor, tweeting birds. Bloom the first spring flowers.
At this time, my grandmother and plant a new flower plants that bloom in the summer. Our favorite flowers are petunias. they are low maintenance and very colorful and beautiful. We like Turkish carnation.
In summer, our garden is also very good, when is the summer heat, in the shade of trees is always a pleasant coolness. The parents were hung up for us between the trees the hammock and my brother can rest in it and play. We have in the garden there is a gazebo. In the summer we always have lunch there.
Very nice dinner with the whole family in the fresh air.
In the garden in summer bloom bright flowers begin to ripen fruits and berries. They are very tasty and quite different in taste to the ones sold in stores. Grandmother and mother cook from them compote and bake them pies. Due to the fact that we have a garden, we spend a lot of time in the fresh air and gain strength and health for the winter.