составить рассказ о шотландской национальной одежде на английском 8-10 предложений


The Scottish national costume is a traditional men’s suit, the main distinguishing feature of which is a small kilt - a men’s skirt with knee-length skirts, folded from a woolen checkered fabric - tartan. Over a linen shirt or a wool jacket-doublet on one shoulder they throw a tartan cape - a rug. Modern Scots with a kilt often wear a jacket or vest. There are also narrow checkered pants trews. Variants of a modern Scottish costume can vary from the simplest, for every day, to a very formal dress. For everyday wearing, except kilt, usually wear a classic tweed jacket, to the feet - simple stockings and shoes, also takes and a simple leather spore. Traditionally, kilts are made of tartan - a woolen fabric formed by interlacing yarns pre-painted in different colors, resulting in a rectangular pattern consisting of identical sequences of horizontal and vertical strips. Kilt is a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and fastened with buckles and straps. According to the historical tradition, the real Scotsman does not wear underwear under the kilt.