Сделайте диалог по английскому языку на тему "Что бы вы делали если бы вы

... делали если бы были президентом, и если у вас были бы деньги" Минимум 7 фраз от каждого лица! Использовать можно Second conditional


-Hello my friend. I heard that you won the lottery! A huge amount of money.
 -Yes it’s true. I want to give money to all the poor and sick people.
-Wait, stop! Are you serious? Give them to me, they are much more necessary to me.
-What are you saying?
- Look, we can fly to Hollywood. Will meet with different stars. Whole life ahead. And you will spend money in an empty place!
-No no.
-I’m sorry, but I’ll have to kill you. * takes out a knife *. Farewell, my stupid friend.
 -Sorry, best friend. You will only destroy yourself with these riches. * Kills * -Ahah. I’m rich now. Now I have power over the world itself.
* Burying, leaving abroad. Tomorrow he is found dead at the hotel. *