1) I played football with my brother yesterday. ___________________________________
2) Tom played hockey

... last summer. ___________________________________________
3) They helped their father yesterday. _______________________________________
4) We helped our mother 2 days ago. ________________________________________
5) Hellen collected stamps last summer. _____________________________________
6) I collected stickers last winter. ___________________________________________
7) My sister watched TV yesterday, __________________________________________
8)John came home at 5 p.m yesterday.______________________________________
9)You came home at 8 o’clock yesterday. ____________________________________
10) He went to the cinema last week - ________________________________________
11) Mary and I went to the theatre last week. ____________________________________
12) I got up at 7 a.m last Sunday. ___________________________________________
13) She was at home yesterday. ___________________________________________
14) We were at school yesterday. ___________________________________________
15) My mother bought me a toy last Saturday. ___________________________________
16) My father bought me a computer last Sunday. _______________________________
17) They read 2 good books yesterday. ________________________________________
18) Tom had a very interesting book last summer. _______________________________________
19) Olga gave me a nice T-shirt. _____________________________________________________
20) They drank some green tea the day before yesterday. __________________________________


1) I didn’t play football with my brother yesterday
2) Tom didn’t play hockey last summer
3) They didn’t help their father yesterday
4) We didn’t help our mother 2 days ago
5) Helen didn’t collect stamps last summer
6) I didn’t collect stickers last winter
7) My sister didn’t watch TV yesterday
8) John didn’t come home at 5 p.m. yesterday
9) You didn’t come home at 8 o’clock yesterday
10) He didn’t go to cinema last week
11) Mary and I didn’t go to the theater last week
12) I didn’t get up at 7 a.m. last Sunday
13) She wasn’t at home yesterday
14) We weren’t at school yesterday
15) My mother didn’t buy me a toy last Saturday
16) My father didn’t buy me a computer last Sunday
17) They didn’t read 2 good books yesterday
18) Tom didn’t have a very interesting book last summer
19) Olga didn’t give me a nice T-shirt
20)  They didn’t drink some green tea the day before yesterday

1) I didn’t play football with my brother yesterday.
2)Tom didn’t play hockey last summer.
3)They didn’t help their father yesterday.
4)We didn’t help.(добавляешь то, что идет дальше).
5)Hellen didn’t collect.
6)I didn’t collect.
7)My sister didn’t watch.
8)John didn’t come.
9)I didn’t come.
10)He didn’t go.
11)Mary and I didn’t go.
12)I didn’t get up.
13)She wasn’t.
14)We weren’t.
15)My mother didn’t buy.
16)My father didn’t buy.
17)They didn’t read.
18)Tom didn’t have.
19)Olga didn’t give.
20)They didn’t drink.