2. Напишите общие вопросы.
1. The student finished his homework two hours

... ago.
2. Two persons were detained in the restricted zone.
3. You must wash the dishes.
4. Hе is saying a password.
3. Напишите альтернативные вопросы.
1. His cousin will meet me.
2. The borderguards find out the details of crossing the border.
3. Student Ivanov has prepared his answer.
4. The violator is armed with an automatic pistol.
4. Напишите специальные вопросы.
1. Our friends were to meet near the bridge.
2. He wanted to find a job.
3. They lost each other in the forest.
4. This borderguard fires well.
5. Напишите разделительные вопросы.
1. They play football every day.
2. The name of the chief of the firm is John Black.
3. My brother lives in a cottage near the market.
4. He is not married.
6. Напишите вопросы к подлежащему.
1. He was a single child in the family.
2. This book contains a lot of illustrations.
3. I want to visit my relatives in Moscow.
4. The surface of Russia is various.


2.Did the student finish his work two hours ago? Were two persons detained in the restricted zone? Must you wash the dishes? Is he saying a password

3.Will his cousin meet me or my sister? Do the border guards find out the details  of crossing the border or traces of the border violator? Has student Ivanov or student Petrov prepared his answer? Is the violator armed with an automatic pistol or a gun? 4.Where were our friends to meet? What did he want to find? Where did they loose each other? What does this border guard do well?

5. 1.don’t they?  2. isn’t it? 3.doesn’t he? 4. is he?

6. Who was a single child in the family? What contains a lot of illustrations? Who wants to visit my relatives in Moscow? What is various?