написать текст на 2 страницы про магазины на английском языке


Modern cities are full of various shops. There are clothes shops, antique shops, bookstores, beauty shops, pharmacies, gift shops, supermarkets, newspaper stands, stationery shops, etc. When I want to buy food and beverages, I go to the nearest supermarket. There is also one hypermarket not far from us, but to get there I need to take a mini-bus. To buy the rest of necessary products and household items, I go to the local mall. It’s a place where I can find all the shops I need. I can buy a new pair of shoes, a present for a friend, a new lipstick, medical supplies, a book or simply some pens and pencils there. When I want to buy some clothes and shoes I ask shop assistants for help. These qualified people are always there to give a wise advice. It has become easy to shop nowadays. I can even order all the necessary things online. It’s called online-shopping. But when it comes to clothes and shoes, I prefer to try them on at first, so online shopping is not for me. Things that I can order online include medical supplies, pizza and train tickets. Another reason, why I’d prefer to shop personally is the mere atmosphere of shopping. I like visiting the bakery round the corner and buying freshly-baked bread. I like going to the mall with my friends, because after some shopping we go to the cinema or to the cafeteria. Choosing a book or a present is almost a sacramental rite for me. I spend hours choosing such things, not because I’m indecisive, but simply because I like the atmosphere of bookstores and gift shops. I think that shops are useful and necessary in every city or town. And, for many people shopping is not just a need but a great pleasure.