Rewrite the following senteces in reported speech.
1) “What time does the next bus

... leave?” he said. “I need to get to the station on time.”
2) “Don’t go swimming in the lake,” she said. “The water is filthy.”
3) “Let’s go shopping tomorrow,” she said. “The sales have started.”
4) “Stand up,” the teacher said to the pupils. “The headmaster is coming.”
5) “Please, don’t take my ring,” she said to him. “It is a present.”
6) “It’s very late, Martin,” his mother said. “Where have you been?”
7) “Shall I cook the dinner?” he said to her. “You look very tired.”
8) “Please stop making that noise!” she said to him. “I can’t concentrate.”
9) “Yes, I dropped your vase,” she said. “I was cleaning the shelf.”
10) “Can I use the car, please?” she said. “I need to run some errands.”
11) “I’m sorry I’m late,” he said. “The car wouldn’t start.”
12) “Why are you teasing your sister?” she asked him. “You know it makes her unhappy.”
13) “Why won’t you come to the party?” he said to her. “Everyone would love to see you.
14) “It was Rob who broke the window,” he said to her. “He was kicking the football.”


He asked what time the next bus left. He needed to get to the station on time.
She said not to go swimming in the lake as the water was filthy. She suggested us going shopping the next day as the sales had started.
The teacher told the pupils to stand up as the headmaster was coming.
She asked him not to take her ring as it was a present.
Martin’s mother said it was late. She asked him where he had been.
He asked her if he should cook the dinner as she looked very tired.
She asked him to stop making that noise as she couldn’t concentrate.
She said that she had dropped my vase as she had been cleaning the shelf.
She asked me if she could use my car as she needed to run some errands.
He was sorry that he was late. The car wouldn’t have started.
She asked him why he was teasing his sister. It made het unhappy.
He asked her why she wouldn’t come to the party. Everyone would have loved to see her.
He told her it was Rob who had broken the window. He’d been kicking the football.