Сочинение на английском на тему "национальные блюда Казахстана"


(на англ. )
In the modern house or yurt of the shepherd, the guest will be greeted and seated by the host. First of all, he will be offered a tea cup, which in the Kazakh house is spilled only by girls or young women. The guest-ayak-the prize-pial is sure to present the guest who thirsts for the guest. Cakes will be served with tea, milk cream - kaimak, butter, dried fruits, nuts, sweets.Not only black tea, but also the so-called shirchai, is honored among the Kazakhs. In it, add milk, butter, salt, slightly fried pieces of fatty fat and flour. Such a high-calorie drink will not only quench thirst, but also drown out the first famine.Kazakh dastarkhan offers a variety of types of flour products: samsa - pies with meat, puktermet - pirozhki with byproducts, kausyrma - a special kind of chebureki.In Kazakh cuisine there are traditionally many meat dishes. One of the most popular - kuyrdak - hot fatty roast from mutton liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and fatty fat.Smoked, dried boiled lamb and horse meat is usually drunk with milk tonic drinks. If a katik from fermented boiled cow milk resembles yogurt taste and is pleasantly refreshing, then such exotic drinks as shubat from camel milk or kumiss can give a feeling of easy intoxication. The world famous kumiss is obtained from fresh mare’s milk, fermented in large leather wineskins. The time of its fermentation is from three to five days, depending on the fat content and density of milk. A small amount of alcohol from 1.5 to 3 degrees kumis is given by the root of aconite, which is added to the leaven. Kumis contains biologically active substances, is famous for its healing power and increases immunity.The main traditional dish of Kazakhs is the barbarian - boiled horse meat or lamb with boiled small pieces of dough cooked in broth and abundantly sprinkled with dill, parsley and coriander greens, served on a large oval dish. The treatment with the besblomak is accompanied by a peculiar ritual.Before the most honorable guest put a coy-bass - a boiled mutton head. He divides it and divides it among the other guests, with each part of the head being given a certain value. The young men give up the ears of the ram with the desire to be attentive, the girls get the palate to be hardworking. The most respected guests are also served ham and thigh lamb. The brisket gets to the young daughter-in-law, cervical vertebrae to married women. Boys get kidneys and a heart, from which they supposedly grow up faster, and the ram’s brain for children is banned: they will be weak-spirited. Young girl, so as not to stay in the virgins, never put a cubit on the plate.To the besbarmak special cakes ak-nan, baked with onions, will be served, and broth - sorpa will be poured into bowls. And the arrival of the spring holiday of Nauryz’s renewal of nature is met by Kazakhs at a table on which Nauryz necessarily has skin - porridge of seven kinds of grain and sumalak - a brew of sprouted wheat.Having once tasted Kazakh national dishes, you will feel the fragrant breath of the steppe wind, the romance of nomadic life.