Составьте небольшое сообщение про Родину мать. Хотя бы на русском(если можете то на английском)по

... следующему плану. 1)Где находится Родина мать?
2)Как выглядит эта статуя
3) Несколько интересных фактов о этом сооружении!


Находится в Волгограде.
The central figure of the Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd is the sculpture "Motherland Calls!". The statue rises 52 m above the terrain. The hill on which there is a monument to the Motherland-Mother, in bulk - its height is about 14 meters. The height of Motherland with the sword taken into account is 85 meters: sculpture is one of the highest statues in the world. On both sides to the top of Mamayev Kurgan there are several paths, one of which is from the area of ​​the Tribulation. Along the path there are several tombstones - the names of those who gave their lives in the battles near Stalingrad. There is also the grave of an unknown soldier. In total, 34 500 people, soldiers and ordinary people, who were heroes of their country during the war, were buried in the mound under the statue "Motherland Calls!"
Motherland on Mamayev Kurgan is represented in the image of a mother, who calls her heroes to defend the Motherland. The sharp lines of the figure, the disheveled hair, the wide-open eyes and mouth of the woman, the hand stretched out over the city - all this creates a feeling of strength and tension, an atmosphere of anxiety and movement. Sculpture "Motherland Calls!" In Volgograd The viewer, located at the top of the Mamayev Kurgan, at the very foot of Motherland, offers a breathtaking view not only of the ensemble itself, but also of the city of Volgograd and the Volga River. The statue "Motherland Calls!" In Volgograd is one of the most visited tourist sites - hundreds and thousands of tourists flock from all over the world to look at this magnificent monument and honor the memory of those who defended their homeland from the enemy.