You have recived a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Ted.
Write him

... a letter and answer 3 questions. (100-120 words).
As you know I am worried about my exams and I often get nervous when I think about possible mistakes I can make. How can you characterize your feelings related to exams? Have you ever taken any exams and if yes, when? What do you think is the best way to calm down?


Dear Ted,
Don’t worry about your exams! You’ve been preparing for them all year and I’m sure you will be able to pass them. And Excessive worry can only lead to additional mistakes. Leave time for breaks. It’s important to stop once in a while to allow your brain to rest. Get up, walk around or give yourself a good stretch.
As for me, I take Cambridge International Exams every year and there are important exams at school too. I try to feel calm and concentrated. I review all and also I take few hours for myself. So I feel much relaxed.Having a good night’s sleep is also very important, but there is no need to go to bed earlier than usual if you aren’t tired. You don’t want to get nervous in your bed because you can’t sleep. Once in bed, try to keep your mind off your exams. Think about something relaxing, such as your next holiday, or about a happy memory.
To calm down you need a cooling-down period. Listen to some music or read a book. Don’t call a friend to talk about the exams. It will only stress you.
Good luck!
Write me after your exams