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1)What kind(s) of people

... mostly attract you and why; 2) How important one’s appearence is for one’s succes in life; 3)If you are tolerant enough to people who are not like you in tastes, appearence and behaviour; 4)If it is possible to become a better person and how.


I met many people in my life. Anybody was unpleasant for me, anybody was pretty. I can’t say why. Maybe it was my personal attitude. But I noticed that friendly people like me more. I like smart people and people who treasures their family. People’s appearance make the first impression only. Maybe is may help them with job search and first meeting with girlfriend. But each person is different, individual. Their appearance is not unreliable. The character of human is most important for me. I recognize the right to an opinion of people. I respect their personal space.  I would like to respect my own personal pount of view. The best personal for me it is smart, kind, friendly and gentlemanlike man who can understand me and accept me  for who I am