Небольшое сочинение (≈120-150 слов)на тему "Бедственный выходной"


We all love weekends, but not all of them are good. Recently I’ve had the worst weekend in my life. As usually I was hoping to spend great time with my family, my friends and my dog, but everything went wrong at that terrible weekend. The morning of Saturday started from an alarming incident. My beloved pet got sick. We had to take Gina to the vet instantly as she was having some breathing problems. As we later found out it was connected with her poor heart. The vet gave her special injection and she got a bit better. When we returned we were quite shocked to see that a part of our flat was flooded. Our neighbors from upstairs forgot to turn off the tap water and the result was terrible. Not only their bathroom but ours too was full of water. So, we spent half of the day cleaning the mess. Apart from water on the floor, there were some problems with the ceiling and walls which quickly became damp. It goes without saying that I had to cancel my meeting with friends. That weekend we were going to visit the cinema and spend some time ice-skating. Alas, these opportunities were lost. Now I had to wait for the next weekend to see them. My school days are usually rather busy and full of other activities. I thought things couldn’t get worse, but in the evening we got an urgent call from my grandma saying that she wasn’t feeling well. So, we didn’t have any supper and drove to her place as quickly as we could. My mum called the doctor and we stayed with her almost till midnight. I’m glad she finally felt better, but I missed my favourite sitcom. Sunday wasn’t fun either, as I spent the whole day cleaning up my room and doing my homework.