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Has your education prepared you for the job market?
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Personal essay. 
School years are the actual time when we suppose to prepare for our future, understand what do we want in life and it has to help us achieve required goals and be prepared for our future challenges. On the other hand, school subjects that we actually study at school or even in the first year of university are hardly relatable to our future. Geometry, algebra and music lessons are in most case scenarios will not be helpful at the first day of job. Thus, that’s what actually happens to the best of us, including myself, we never feel actually prepared.  
I do have a career path I decided and see myself as a knowledgeable person. However, it might be the thrill of your first job or not having enough experience that we do not receive during the educational process, but you never feel prepared for your first job. You learn everything on the spot. 
However, what education actually does is that it teaches us how to think and solve problems, maybe not the specific ones, but because of it we know how to approach the problem for the start. 
To actually develop your working skills afterwords you can do multiple things : taking language courses, consulting your advisors or even continuing further educating by yourself. However, the most helpful thing will still be the time since we grow and we learn with it.