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Billy Bones, an old sea captain staying at the inn owned by young Jim Hawkins and his mother, is visited by some unsavory old friends and subsquently has a fatal seizure of some kind. Among his effects the Hawkinses find a treasure map, and the local squire and doctor undertake to follow it to some place evidently in the Caribbean to find the treasure. (Jim of course is part of the party.) In Bristol, where they go to buy a ship, they are maneuvred into buying a particular one and staffing it with sailors recommended by the one-legged bar-keeper Long John Silver, who also persuades Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney to hire him as cook. Out on the high seas, Jim overhears a conversation among Silver and many of the crew members and realizes that they are pirates, veterans of the same crew that buried the treasure that Jim and his friends are seeking. Once the ship reaches its destination, fighting soon breaks out between the pirates and Jim’s friends, along with the non-pirate members of the crew. At one point the pirates have possession of the ship, the Hispaniola, and replace the Union Jack with the Jolly Roger. At the end, of course, the non-pirates win and make their way to the treasure site marked on the map, only to discover that Ben Gunn, a sailor left behind by the original pirate crew, has already found and moved it. Since it’s useless to him there, he’s more or less willing to give up most of it in return for passage home. The party sets sail for home, with some of the pirates prisoners on board and others left behind on the island. At one of their stops in the Caribbean. Long John Silver escapes with a bag of the treasure