18. Rewrite these sentences in the passive voice.
1. They sell oysters in

... the shop next door.
2. They haven’t delivered the food yet.
3. Shakespeare wrote King Lear.
4. They have to answer the questions on this sheet.
5. Has anybody put the cases upstairs?
6. Someone should take this rubbish away.
7. They’ll ask you a lot of questions.
8. Someone’s going to send her some flowers.
9. They didn’t pay me much for that job.
10. Have they offered him a better job?
11. They told us a secret.
12. Would they lend me their car?
13. People should send their complaints to the head office.
14. They had to postpone the meeting because of illness. __
15. They are going to hold next year’s congress in San Francisco.
16. The bill includes service.
17. People don’t use this road very often.
18. They cancelled all the flights because of fog. _
19. Somebody accused me of stealing the money.
20. They are building a new ring-road round the city.


Oysters are sold in the shop next door.  

The food has not been delivered yet.

King Lear was written by Shakespeare. 

The questions on this sheet have to been answered.

Cases were put upstairs.

This rubbish should be taken away. 

A lot of question will be asked to you.

Some flowers are going to be sent to her by someone.  

That job was not paid to me. I was not paid much for that job. 

Have a better job been offered to him.

A secret was told to us. 

Would their car be lent to me? 

Their complaints should be sent to the head office (by people). 

The meeting had to be postponed because of ilness. 

Next year’s congress are going to be hold in San Francisco.

Service is included in the bill. 

That road are not used very often.

All the flights were cancelled because of fog. 

I was accused of stealing the money.

A new ring-road is being built round the city.