Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Present Perfect negative. I _____ (not clean) my football

... boots. They _____ (not start) their meal. I _____ (not do) my homework. He _____ (not win) all his matches this year. My brother and I _____ (not see) any films this week. It’s my birthday party today. I _____ (not invite) many people. He _____ (not wash) his hands. They’re very dirty. Mum’s really angry. We _____ (not tidy) our room! I can’t play with my friends this evening. I _____ (not finish) my homework. I _____ (not visit) New York for three years. Where’s Alison? We _____ (not see) her since yesterday. Dad _____ (not take) a holiday since last August. John _____ (not play) the violin since he was school.


Haven’t cleaned
Haven’t started
Haven’t done
Hasn’t won
Haven’t seen
Haven’t invented
Hasn’t washed
Haven’t tidied
Haven’t finished
Haven’t visited
Haven’t seen
Hasn’t taken
Hasn’t played

1. Haven’t cleaned
2. Haven’t started
3. Haven’t done
4. Hasn’t won
5. Haven’t seen
6. Haven’t invited
7. Hasn’t washed
8. Haven’t tidied
9. Haven’t finished
10. I haven’t visited
11. Haven’t seen
12. Hasn’t taken
13. Hasn’t played