Переведите в косвенную речь следующие предложения.
1. im waiting for my parents

... Nick said.
2. you should be careful my friends said to me.
3. i will come tomorrow and finish the work the plumber said to grandma.
4. we only got tickets yesterday though we booked the holiday a long time ago said mr.Smith
5. do you know where Kate is living? Ann asked me.
6. why didnt you say that to me? she asked her boyfriend.
7. i promise i will write to you as soon as i arrive, Jane, said Nick
8. what do you think about it? Mary said to Tom.
9. how many lessons have you got today? Tom asks his friend.
10. did you receive a letter from your American pen-pal yesterday? Ann asked Mary.
11. im fond of my dog the girl said to her mother.
12. he said i cant stay here.
13. she asked me are you a student?
14. my mother said have you seen the new film?
15. where will you go tonight? said my parents.
16. tell me the truth he said to me.
17. dont close the door! the teacher said to his student.
18. write me as soon as you come! Tom said to Jane.
19. dont learn this poem by heart! i said to my little brother.
20. do you speak English well? he asked me.


1) Nick said that he was waiting for his parents.
2) My friends said that I should be careful.
3) The plumber said to grandma that he would come the next day and finish the work.
4) Mr. Smith said that they only had gotten tickets the day before though we had booked the holiday a long time before.
5) Ann asked me if I know where Kate is living.
6) She asked her boyfriend why didnt he said that to her.
7) Nick said that he promised he would write to her as soon as he arrive to Jane.
8) May said to Tom what he thinks about it.
9) Tom asks his friend how many lessons has he got today.
10) Ann asked Mary if she had received a letter from her American pen-pal the day before.
11) Girl said to her mother that she was fond of her dog.
12) He said that he couldnt stay here.
13) She asked me if I am a student.
14) My mother asked if I had seen the new film.
15) My parents asked me where would I go tonight.
16) He said to me to tell him the truth
17) The teacher said to his student to not close the door.
18) Tom said to Jane to write him as soon as she come.
19) I said to my little brother to not learn this poem by heart.
20) He asked me if I speak English well.