Сочинение на английском языке на тему компьютеры это добро или зло? Что такое компьютер?

... Польза и вред, компьютер это хорошо (аргументы, нужная информация)итд,120 слов надо в сочинении


There are very many computers in our life now. almost every family has their own computer. As people say there are more than billion PCs in the world. So, we already can’t live without these clever machines, and I agree with millions users that computers are useful and helpful. Firstly, we get very much information with the help of computers and the Internet. It is the universal source of various information and it is more convenient and quick than search for a rare book, or ask a teacher for a piece of advice. Secondly, computer provides you very many services. They help not only to count, but to make films, presentations,your own poems, work with pictures and etc. Thirdly, they help people to communicate. For example, it is more quicker to send letter by e-mail, than to post it as in old times. And, of course, system won’t make any mistakes, and the letter would come to the correct address while a postman can lose the envelope.