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Перевод текста.
What is the British weather like?
Despite its reputation for grey skies and rain, the climate in Britain is generally mild and temperate. The weather from day to day is mainly influenced by depressions moving castwards across the Atlantic, Although the weather changes frequently, the temperature is subject to few extremes – it is rarely above 32C or below -10.
Rain is fairly well distributed throughout the year, but, on average, March to June are the dries mouths and September to January the wettest. If you visit the mountainous areas of the west and north you can expect more rainfall than in central arts of Britain. During May, June and July – the months of longest daylight – the mean daily duration of sunshine varies from live hours in northern Scotland to eight hours in the Isle of Wight on the south coast. November, December and January have the least sunshine – only a day on the south coast of England.
For a national weather forecast (calling from within Britain)
Dial AA weatherwatch on 0336 401 932
Fax 0336 415 701
Or check the BBC’s website on www.bbc.co.uk/weather/
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1)What was your wish?
2)What happened when you touched things in your palace?
3)What did you touch in the garden?
4)Were you happy?
5)Why couldn’t you eat or drink?
6)How many days did you eat or drink?
7)Why did you bathe in the river?
8)What did you ask your servants to bring you after you had bathed in the water?
9)How did you feel after you had eaten the bread and drunk the wine?
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Переведите текст из первого лица в третье.
Текст: You asked me why i like reading books, didnt you? I should say books have been my best friends for many years. You know, Im the only child in my family. My parents were always busy with their work and i used to spend a lot of time playing with my toys. But from time to time, especially on holidays, they used to present me with wonderful new books: fairy tales, fantasy books, science fiction. Some of them were written ages ago. But i enjoyed them very much. And they are still interesting for people of my generation. Thats why i believe books are the most ancient media.
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Напишите как это читаетсч не переводд 1:But he looks much younger 2:Last year he was in Europe 3:He was in Europe and North Africa. 4:The weather in brittany was very bad 5:After theree days he reached paris 6:But in Paris iy was sometimes no better than in London 7:It rained all the time. 8:He traveled slowly 9:Was October when he came to Spain 10:There were strong winds and ofteb walked the day 11:The beaches were often empty 12:He came back to England by plane 13:The days were very sunny and worm
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Состави 7-8 вопросов по колумба магилана джейма кука на английском и перевод на русский
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He was born in Italy in 1451. He was a sailor and made many voyages. In 1492 he started a journey with three ships. It was long and difficult. He discovered America in 1492. КАК ЧИТАТЬ РУССКИМИ БУКВАМИ НАПРИМЕР ХИ ВАС БЁРН НЕ ПЕРЕВОД
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Перевод на русском языке
20 балл надо точный перевод.
1. people won’t want to dance unless we have some good music.
2. If we can’t mend this pan,we’ll have to get a new one.
3. Unless it rains,We’ll have dinner on the balcony.
4. If you don’t want that food, I’ll give it to the dog.
5. How will we get home if we miss the last bus.
6. What will you do If James doesn’t get your message?
7. We won’t have to go to bank unless we run out of money.
8. I’ll be annoyed if l can’t get a ticket for the concert.
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Переводите, используя сослагательные наклонение и модальные глаголы, где необходимо.
Мальчик, должно быть, выбрал эту книгу сам. Если бы ему помогли взрослые, они никогда не посоветовали бы ему взять такую скучную книгу. 3. Вашему другу давно следовало бы пойти к врачу. Если бы он прошел курс лечения, он бы давно оправился от болезни. 4. Он, может быть, и попытался доказать ей, что он прав, но не сумел. Ее очень трудно убедить в чем- либо. 5. Он вряд ли будет спорить по поводу этого пред ложения. Если бы у него были какие-либо возражения, он постарался бы все выяснить во время последнего обсуж дения. 6. Делегация может прибыть в любую минуту. Вам следует очень быстро подготовить все необходи мые документы. Если бы я знал об этом раньше, я бы несомненно предупредил вас заранее. 7.
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Друзья грамотно перевести текст на английский ну и можем самы мысли изменить.
Со статистикой которая дана в тексте, я соглашусь.
Во первых, в наше время интернет имеет огромный спрос и молодые люди в возрасте от 16 до 24 лет предпочитают интернет в качестве. Пример: источник информации, общение с друзьями и отдых (игры, фильмы и т. П).
Сам знаю по себе.
Во вторых, в тексте говорилось о безопасности и личной информации. Человек без опасений делится и оставляет информацию о себе, не все читают лицензионные соглашения и заявление о конфиденциальности. Мы на столько сильно верим в безопасность интернета, зачем кому то взламывать нашу почту или аккаунт в фэйсбуке, поэтому человек часто использует одинаковые пароли и очень рискует!
В заключение хотелось бы напомнить, что интернет целая вселенная, которая уже никогда не умрет и будет развиваться и усовершенствоваться. Конечно интернет сделал нашу жизнь быстрее и проще, но не нужно забывать о его черной стороне.
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Определите, к каким частям речи относятся слова с окончанием –ed. Предложения переведите на Русский язык.
1. When transported, gases are compressed into strong cycling.
2. The metals to be strengthened are subjected to special operations.
3. The pressure increased was measured precisely.
4. They increased the pressure in gas pipelines.
5. When discussed, the design was adopted.
6. Russia transported gas to many countries last year.
7. It was Lomonosov who first determined the existence of atmosphere round Venus.
8. A great many experimental models had been tested before the fist tidal power station was constructed.
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ПЕРЕВЕСТИ ТЕКСТ. After the lamp sneezes, the light goes out (выключается). Now nobody
(никто) can see where to post letters. At this moment a duck comes to
the lamp. Her name is Miranda [mi’raends]. She looks at the lamp and
thinks: "How can people post their letters without [wid’aut] (без) the
She climbs [klaimz] (взбирается) the letterbox and begins to quack [kwaek] (крякать). She quacks and quacks. And the people who come to post their letters say: "It’s dark here. Where is the letterbox?"But
then they hear Miranda’s quacking [’kwaekin] (кряканье). And they
think: "Whatever is all that quacking for?" (Что это она так крякает?)
They go to where they hear the quacking.They see Miranda and the letterbox under her. They post their letters and they are very happy.
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Перевести текст
She does not necessarily try to eliminate regional accents, she insists, so long as the speaker learns to eliminate “lazy” speech such as slurring, and annoying verbal tics, such as “know what I mean”, “sort of”, or “like”. “You can get away with even quite a marked accent if you are an interesting enough speaker, with pitch and pace and pause in your delivery,” she says.
There is a strong business case for all this. A survey of company directors (see chart) by the Aziz Corporation, which calls itself the country’s leading independent spoken communications consultancy, says that 31% reckon that a strong regional accent is a disadvantage in business.
But why the growth in demand? One reason is globalisation. Foreigners typically learn RP, or something like it, and are often mystified by Britain’s stronger regional dialects. Dealing with them means speaking some sort of standard English.
A second reason is the growing emphasis on better presentation skills in business. Managers who are willing to lavish money on public relations, speech writers, coaches and so on are more likely to want their Ps and Qs fixed too.
A third reason is the erosion of boundaries within companies. Jayne Comins, a speech coach in London, notices a big increase in clients with a computing background. “Talking’s not what they are really about,” she says. “A lot of men in IT didn’t start out wanting a job working with people, but when they become successful they often have to talk at board meetings, give presentations and sell their product.”
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Написать 10 предложений "почему мне нужно изучать английский". Включите в сочинение самые важные вещи в языке. Предложения на русском.
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Безусловно, техника делает нашу жизнь лучше и проще. Но имеет ли она всегда только положительные стороны? Давайте разбирёмся. Компьютеры - уникальное изобретение человека. Они экономят много места и времени для человека. Компьютер может хранить огромное количество информации, поэтому нам и не приходится собирать документы, книги для поиска нужной информации. Более того, благодаря Интернету мы можем работать, делать покупки. Интернет очень положительно подействовал для детей-инвалидов на домашнем обучении. Теперь с помощью интернета дети-инвалиды могут учится как и здоровые дети, учителям это так же экономит время. Посмотрев с другой стороны, использование компьютера приводит и к проблемам. Во-первых, те люди, которые проводят много времени за компьютером, получают проблемы со здоровьем: зрение становится со временем хуже, портится осанка. Во-вторых, школьники могут легко списать домашнее задание с интернета, не разобравшись самому как решать задание. Хуже всего, люди становятся зависимыми от компьютеров и гаджетов не обращая внимания на окружающий мир.
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Переведите текст!
Gravity falls is a small town.It lives the uncle of the Walls and in the summer it came to his grandchildren of Mabel and Dipper.They’re twins.Strange things are going on in this town.Soon dipper finds some diary in which it is written about all anomalies.Then it turns out that there are 2 more of the same diary.They are waiting for a lot of different interesting stories.After a while, all understand what’s under the mystery shack is a portal that can destroy the planet.Maybel wants to shut down the portal, but she trusted uncle Wall and didn’t do it.And right.Through the portal was a brother of the Wall Ford.He’s the Creator of these diaries.
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Напишите как читаютс эти слова на русском не перевод 1:Europe 2:North 3:Bicycle 4:ferry 5:reached 6:rained 7:Again 8:journey 9:Spain 10:sunny 11:warm 12: arrived 13:carefully 14:winds 15:sun 16:brightly 17:beChes 18:empty 19:plane
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Переведите текст: "Baby Elephant and His New Clothes Part 1" Текст: Father Elephant and Mother Elephant lived in Africa and they had a little Baby Elephant.One day Father Elephant carne home and saw that (что) his dear little Baby Elephant was sad.And Father Elephant asked, "Why are you sad, my little Baby Elephant?"Baby Elephant said, "Oh, Dad, I want to play in our school football team. But my socks, T-shirt and shorts are too small and I can’t put them on." "Don’t worry, my dear!" said Father Elephant. "I’ll buy you nice new clothes."They came to Mrs Lion’s shop."Good morning, Mrs Lion," said Father Elephant."Good morning, Mr Elephant!" said Mrs Lion. "Can I help you?""Have you got any nice socks for my little Baby Elephant? 1 want to buy him some new socks," said Father Elephant. "All our socks are too (слишком) small for your Baby Elephant. But wait (подождите) a little, and my little Lions will make him new beautiful socks."The little Lions made nice new yellow socks for Baby Elephant.Then Father Elephant paid (заплатил) for the socks and put them on Baby Elephant.Baby Elephant was very glad, and he said, "I like my new socks very much, thank you." "Let’s buy you a new T-shirt and shorts now!" said Father Elephant. So they went to Mrs Tiger’s shop.
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Напишите про известного человека (желательно о русском) на английском языке с переводом
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Напишите 10 обязанностей президента на английском языке(с переводом на русский), аа!
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Перевод с русского на английский
Жил на свете кролик Банни и у него не было хвоста, а ему
очень хотелось иметь большой и длинный хвост, как у лисы
миссис Фокс.
Однажды Банни гулял на улице и увидел миссис Фокс.
<< Здравствуйте, миссис Фокс,>> - сказал он: << Куда вы идете?>>
<< Я иду в магазин, покупать себе хвост>>
И тогда Банни попросил купить и ему хвост тоже.
Миссис Фокс купила только один хвост - себе, а Банни забыла.
По дороге домой она увидела Банни. Кролик Банни спросил:
<< А вы купили мне хвост?>> на что, миссис Фокс ответила:
<< Извини, но там не было твоего хвоста>>
Кролик Банни очень расстроился. Ему было очень жаль, что
миссис Фокс не купила ему хвоста.
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Напишите о том что вы делаете в разные времена года на английском желательно Напишите перевод на русский.
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Письменно переведите текст.
Roles of Different Parts of Society President Obama, throughout his statements in this set of data, also imparted on his audiences remarks concerning the responsibilities and roles of different parts of society. In his speech to the NAACP in July of 2009, Obama (2009c) offered up the responsibilities of government in creating programs and overseeing change. Yet this was the only speech in which his remarks focused on this area. Conversely, in three speeches, Obama (2009a; 2009c; 2010c) remarked on the importance and responsibility of individuals in overcoming racial discrimination. Government and government programs. When discussing the role of government in overcoming racial discrimination, President Obama’s comments are limited to one speech – to the NAACP in July of 2009. He stated to the audience explicitly that “government must be a force for opportunity. Yes, government must be a force for equality” (Obama, 2009c). As part of government’s role in being “a force for equality,” Obama (2009c) also espoused how certain bureaucratic measures and programs were being constructed and supported to combat the “structural inequalities that our nation’s legacy of discrimination has left behind.” First he mentioned the “White House Office on Urban Affairs” as leading the charge in “targeting” the structural barriers currently in the way of equality and opportunity (Obama, 2009c). Next, he moved on to programs that his administration and the federal government were supporting that could “foster a comprehensive approach to ending poverty” and specifically mentioned building upon “Geoffrey Canada’s success with the Harlem Children’s Zone” and using that structure to create more “Promise Neighborhoods” (Obama, 2009c). These neighborhoods, like the Harlem Children’s Zone, would serve to end “poverty by putting all children on a pathway to college, and [give] them the schooling and after-school support that they need to get there.” From that moment, Obama (2009c) moved more into how universal laws and orders would serve to also end discrimination and structural inequalities. He asserted that the enactment of such laws would create long-term strength and stability not for one group of people, but for “all Americans. Of every race. Of every creed. From every region of the country” (Obama, 2009c). Universal actions and legislation to benefit all citizens is necessary he stated because “we want everyone to be able to participate in the American Dream” (Obama, 2009c). The universal initiatives Obama (2009c) proposed would help alleviate structural inequalities based on racial discrimination are making “quality health coverage affordable for all,” “energy reform” which allows for the creation of “jobs that can’t be outsourced,” and “financial reform with consumer protections…to stop predatory lenders from targeting Black and Latino communities all across the country.” President Obama (2009c) stated soon after this list of policies, laws, and initiatives, that “these are some of the ways we’re doing our part in government to overcome the inequities, the injustices, the barriers that still exist in our country.” Obama was also quick to point out that although “government programs,” reforms, and laws could be put in place to alleviate structural barriers based upon generations worth of discrimination. He announced that “government programs alone won’t get our children to the Promised Land. We need a new mind set, a new set of attitudes” (Obama, 2009c). Individuals. President Obama, when discussing racial discrimination and the path to achieving equity within America, consistently alluded to the role of individuals in shaping racial equality and overcoming generations of barriers (Obama, 2009a; 2009c; 2010b; 2010c). Unlike explicit statements in phrases about the roles and responsibilities of the government, the purpose of education, etc. Obama was more subtle and vague about the role of individualism in overcoming racial discrimination. At his Inauguration, President Obama (2009a) stated to the audience that “the time has come to reaffirm our enduring spirit…that noble idea passed on from generation to generation.” To Obama (2009a) that “noble idea” is “the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free, and all deserve a chance to pursue their full measure of happiness.” Later this suggestion of a “noble idea” that has “passed on from generation to generation” has done so through the work of individuals. Obama (2009a) stated individuals “packed up their few worldly possessions and traveled across oceans in search of a new life.” Individuals “toiled in sweatshops, and settled the West.” Individuals “endured the lash of the whip and plowed the hard earth.” Individuals “fought and died in places like Concord and Gettysburg, Normandy and Khe Sahn” (Obama, 2009a). Such analogies made it seem as if the works of individuals have been what has made the United States into its current form.
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Перевести с руусского на англ только без переводчика
Эта история о двух друзтях которые поехали вместе в лагерь. Их звали Джим и Тим. Тим был очень ленивым мальчиком.
Однажды Джим попросил Тима купить немного мяса но Тим сказал что очень устал и не купил его. Тогда Джим пошел и купил мясо. Когда он вернулся он попросил Тима сварить мясо. Тим сказал что он не очень хорошо готовит и мясо приготовил Джим. Затем Джим разрезал хлеб так как Тим не хотел этого делать. После этого он попросил Тима принести немного воды но Тим опять отказал.
Наконец мясо было готово и Джим пригласил Тима сьесть его. Тим согласился сказав я не люблю говорить нет все время
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