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ПЕРЕВОДА НЕ НУЖНО! САМО ЗАДАНИЕ ! Cоставить по английски текст в настоящем времене
вот с этим:
The country and its capital
1.to be the largest country in North America
2.to have Mexico and Canada as neighbour countries in the south and in the North
3.to have different weather in different parts of the country (Florida,Alaska)
4.to have 50 states
5.the largest state of the country
6.the smallest state of the country
7.the highest mountains and the longest rivers
8.the capital city Washington,D.C
9.to lie on the banks of the potomac River
10.the US government and the Congress
очень нужно!
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Перепишите текст в будущем времени и переведитеOn Tuesday I get up at half past six. I go to the bathroon and wast my hands and face and clean my teeth. Then l dress, go to the kitchen and cook breakfast for my family. At half past seven my son gets up and has breakfast. I have breakfast with my son. My son eats a sandwich and drinks a cun of tea. I don t drink tea. I drink coffee. After breakfast my son leaves home for school. I don leave home with my son. On Tuesday l don t work in the mornimg. I work in the afternoon. In the evening l am at home. My husband and my son are at home, noo. We rest in the evening. My son watches TV, my husband reads newspapers and l do some work about the house. At about eleven o clock we go to bed.
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Привет! Как дела? Ты ведь любишь лето? Этим летом я отправлюсь в курорт. Давай отправимся туда вместе? Только представь! Тёплое море под полящем солнцем. Это будет так классно! Разве есть что-то лучше этого? Одновременно и тепло и прохладно, а какая красота! Мы с тобой можем там даже устроить фотосессию! Думаю это лучше, чем сидеть дома и смотреть по телевизору как как-раз таки все там и отдыхают. Этим летом билеты стали настолько дешевле, что любой может туда отправиться. В школе нам ничего не задавали, друзья во дворе разъехались, единственный вариант не соскучиться - отправиться куда-нибудь. Ты сможешь купаться сколько хочешь, загорать сколько хочешь и не только. После этого у тебя сразу поднимется настроение. Надеюсь ты согласишься и мы с тобой будем отдыхать очень хорошо! Переведите без переводчика на английский язык
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Сделайте сообщение, нужно выбрать одного актёра желательно английского от 80 до 100 слов желательно на английском языке и перевод на русский
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1) meet-met-
2) put-put-
3) read-read-
напишите перевод завтра диктант по этим словам.
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Как читается этот текст только не перевод Do you know how the rainbow looks like? Have you ever had a chance to see it? Did you like it? Do you think it’s a miracle or just the science? As a matter of fact, this appearance is nothing but a habitual Nature’s trick. We see a rainbow when both it’s raining and it’s shining. Water from rain makes white sunlight become many-colored. It always shows up mainly opposite the Sun. That’s the way a rainbow appears. As a rule a rainbow is circular and very colorful. Have you ever counted the colors of a rainbow? How many are there? Only three, seven or ten? Can you guess? If you said SEVEN – well done! Can you tell them? What’s the first one? The most visible when you look at a rainbow. Of course it’s red. What’s the next one? Sure, it’s orange! Have you noticed the tendency? One color is very similar to following color. The third color is yellow! We see it clearly watching a rainbow, doesn’t we? Color number 4 is green and number 6 is blue. Can you guess what the next one is? The next two colors remind you of blue - indigo and undoubtedly violet. All colors gradate into one another. Therefore, we observe this miraculous natural appearance.
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Напишите кратко этот текст с переводом
The Moscow Kremlin
The word kremlin means fortress in Russian. The most famous and well-known is the Moscow Kremlin. It is a large, walled area in the heart of Moscow. The Kremlin is built next to the Moskva River on one side and Red Square on the other. Inside, there are beautiful palaces, churches and cathedrals, as well as various other attractive state buildings, tree-lined squares and peaceful gardens. The wall around the Moscow Kremlin is 2,235 metres long and five to nineteen metres thick. There are twenty towers that look out over the city in every direction. Spasskaya Tower is 71 m tall and is the main tower that looks out over Red Square.
The Moscow Kremlin and Red Square were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1990. This is not surprising when you discover how many incredibly beautiful churches and palaces there are. For example, in Cathedral Square there are three magnificent cathedrals from the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The Cathedral of the Assumption is the oldest. It is made of white stone and has five golden domes. Many Orthodox patriarchs are buried there. Across the square is the Cathedral of the Annunciation, which also has golden roofs and domes. Inside there are some early 15th-century icons by Theophanes and Andrei Rublvov. Then, there is the Cathedral of St Michael the Archangel where the princes of Moscow and the tsars of Russia are buried. Next to the square is the white bell tower of Ivan 111 and at the bottom is the huge Tsar Bell which was made in 1733-35 but has never been mng. Then close by is the Tsar Cannon which dates from 1586 and stands next to the mid-17th-century Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles and the Patriarchal Palace.
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Living in Russia one cannot but stick to a Russian diet. Keeping this diet for an Englishman is fatal. And the Russians have meals four times a day and their cuisine is quite intricate.
Every person starts his or her day with breakfast. Poor Englishmen are sentenced to either a continental or an English breakfast. From the Russian point of view, when one has it continental it actually means that one has no breakfast at all, because it means drinking a cup of coffee and eating a bun. A month of continental breakfast for some Russians would mean starving. The English breakfast is a bit better, as it consists of one or two fried eggs, grilled sausages, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. The English have tea with milk and toast with butter and marmalade. As a choice one may have corn flakes with milk and sugar or porridge.
In Russia people may have anything for breakfast. Some good-humoured individuals even prefer soup, but, of course, sandwiches and coffee are very popular. One can easily understand that in Great Britain by one o’clock people are very much ready for lunch. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day. That would be music for a Russian ears until he or she learns that lunch really consists of. It may be a meat or fish course with soft drinks followed by a sweet course.
The heart of a Russian person fills with joy when the hands of the clock approach three o’clock. His or her dinner includes three courses. A Russian will have a starter (salad, herring, cheese, etc.), soup, steaks, chops or fish fillets with garnish, a lot of bread, of course, and something to drink. The more the better. At four or five the Russians may have a bite: waffles, cakes with juice, tea, cocoa, or something of the kind.
In Great Britain they have dinner at five or six. Soup may be served then, but one should not be misled by the word “soup”. British soup is just thin paste and a portion is three times smaller than in Russia. A lot of British prefer to eat out. “Fish and Chips” shops are very popular with their take-away food. The more sophisticated public goes to Chinese, Italian, seafood restaurants and experiment with shrimp, inedible vegetables and hot drinks.
Supper in Russia means one more big meal at seven. The table groans with food again. In England it is just a small snack - a glass of milk with biscuits at ten.
Most Russians have never counted calories and they are deeply convinced that their food is healthy. Some housewives may admit that it takes some time to prepare all the staff, including pickles, home-made preserves and traditional Russian pies and pancakes. But they don’t seem to mind too much and boil, roast, grill, broil, bake and make. Paraphrasing a famous proverb one can say: “What is a Russsian man’s meat is a British man’s poison”.
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№2 Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple. Не забывайте правильно писать отрицание и вопросы. Предложения перевести на русский язык 1. I (study) English yesterday. 2. ____You (come) to my place yesterday? 3. He (live) in Dubai 5 years ago. 4. How long___ it (to take) you to get to the City Mall? 5. What ___you (study) every Friday? 6. We (have) dinner with my family yesterday. 7. His computer ( not be) ready yesterday. 8. My friend ( like) running in the park last morning. 9. Their family (invite) everybody to the party last week. 10. Jesse ( not drive) to work early last night.
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This is the story of Chol Paul Guet, 14, from Sudan in Africa.To save his life,he set off on a journey or 1,242 miles - on foot.That’s the same distance as walking from London to Rome.
"It was something like an accident when i ran away from my village.We were playing at about 5 o’clock when the soldiers came, we just ran. We didn’t know where we were going to,wejust ran.We didn’t know where our mothers and fathers were.When there is shooting,when you hear BANG!BANG!BANG!you don’t think about your friend or your mother,you just run.
In the day the sun is hot and your feet burn.So we walked at night when it is cold, because then you don’t say all the time,’’I want water,I want water.’’ We never felt wel.We just walked. People died of hunger.I saw many dying.You see,you can help,and then sometimes you can’t.
After two months we came to the Anyak tribe who knew the way to Ethiopia.To go to Ethiopia,to the Punyido refugee camp,there was a big river we had to swim across. Some people couldn’t swim,so they refused to go,but I wanted to get to the camp.In Punyido the United Nations representatives came, they saw the people,they went to Geneva to find food, and they came back.I spent three years in Ethiopia and felt well. I went to shool and lived witn five other boys’’
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Придумать 8-10 школьных правил на английском языке для учеников и учителей, желательно по пунктам и перевод на русский
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Перепишите и письменно переведите на русский язык следующие предложения. Помните, что объектный и субъектный инфинитивные обороты соответствуют придаточным предложениям.
1. We watched the the automobile plant begin to operate.
2. We asked the lab assistant to show us the hybrid car operate.
3. Human beings seem to be able to find facts or even logical consequence of
facts in their memory according to association.
Перепишите и письменно переведите на русский язык следующие предложения. Обратите внимание на перевод зависимого и независимого (самостоятельного) причастных оборотов.
1. Having obtained the required results we informed our professor of this fact.
2. Electronics plays the leading role in automation.
3. Having been cooled, water turned into ice.
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Напишите про какой нибудь природный катаклизм который недавно произошёл в какой нибудь стране или городе. На английском с переводом.
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Перевод текста Arthur Conan Doyle was a great writer-He was born in Scotland in thefamily of Irish. He was a doctor. In 1882 he moved from Scotland to England toset up a practice. His medical knowledge was a great help to him in hisdetective stories. Conan Doyle was one of the first, who started the fashion of detectivestory. Today the fashion goes on with the stories of other writers. Conan Doyle created his famous character, Sherlock Holmes, in 1885.Six years later, when Conan Doyle wrote some stories about this detective, thename of Sherlock Holmes became a name that everybody knew. Holmes firstappeared in a book called «Study in Scarlet». «The Adventures ofSherlock Holmes» made him famous all over the world.
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Напишиье как читается на русском не перевод 1:in britan there were rains 2:in india was the heat 3:in spain the days were sunny and warm 4:the weather in france was warm
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Переведите текст
Components of Tractors
Nowadays tractors are widely used in agriculture and in industry. In agriculture tractors are used in such jobs as plowing, planting, cultivating, fertilizing, harvesting, transport works, etc.
In different branches of industry tractors are used as road transport tractors hauling heavy loads. They are also used for different building purposes.
Tractors may be agricultural tractors, road transport tractors and special tractors.
Agricultural tractors are subdivided into: the general tractors designed for hauling agricultural machinery; cultivators designed for specific agricultural jobs; tractors for operation on soft boggy ground.
Road transport tractors are equipped with a load carrying platform.
Special tractors are usually equipped with auxiliary devices. Tractors may belong either to wheeled-typetractors or totrack-layingtype tractors.
The construction of a tractor includes the following main units:
1.Power unit which includes the engine with all auxiliary devices – a radiator, a fan, a starter device, a fuel tank, a pump, etc.
2.Transmission which consists of a clutch, a speed control unit, universal joints, gearing mechanisms, shafts, steering mechanisms, a final drive, axles.
3.Driver which includes driving, supporting and controlling mechanisms.
4.A steering unit.
5.The tractor frame.
6.Working and auxiliary equipment.
Tractor engines have internal combustion engines as the source of power. Tractor engines requirements differ considerably from the requirements of the automotive engines. Automotive engines are generally unsuitable for tractors.
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перевести текст
Hunting with catching is a national Kazakh hunting tradition. It is more that a thousand years old. Hunters are called Kuzbegi or Burkutchi. Gollden eagle is a very bird. The Golden eagle's training is a real art. It takes 7 years to train birds. People hunt with golden eagles usually in winter. Now there are only about 40 people who really master this art
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Помогите перевести текст
When patients are admitted to the hospital first of all they are received by a nurse on duty at the reception ward.Those patients who are to be hospitalized have already received the direction from the polyclinic. The nurse on duty fills in patients’ case histories in which she writes down their names, age, place of work, occupation, address and the initial diagnosis made by a doctor at the polyclinic.
Then a doctor on duty examines the hospitalized patients and gives his instruction what department and wards the patients are to be admitted.
At the in-patient department of a hospital life begins early in the morning. The nurses on duty take patients temperature, give them intramuscular and intravenous injections, take stomach juice for analysis, apply cups and give all the prescribed remedies in the doses indicated by the ward doctors.
The nurses keep all the drugs with special labels: the names of drugs are indicated on them. Patients are. not allowed to take the medicines themselves because some drugs are poisonous, the overdosage of some other drugs may cause unfavourable reactions and even death.
At about nine o’clock in the morning the doctors begin the daily rounds of the wards during which they examine all the patients. After the medical examination the doctors administer the patients different procedures: electrocardiograms are taken, laboratory analyses of blood, urine and gastric juice are made. Some patients are administered a bed regimen, others are allowed to walk; some are to follow a diet to relieve stomachache or prevent unfavourable results in case of stomach troubles. All the doctors always treat the patients with great attention and care. There is no doubt that such a hearty attitude of the doctors to the patients helps much in their recovery.
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Перевод текста

Путевой дворец в Твери был сооружён ещё в 1763-1777 года, в его строительстве принимали участие такие известные архитекторы, как М. Ф. Казаков и П. Р. Никитина.
Дворец выполнен в стиле барокко и изначально предназначался для отдыха членов царской семьи и свиты по пути из Петербурга в Москву (отсюда и название).
Построен дворец на месте сгоревшего в 1763 году архиерейского дома, на территории Тверского Кремля.
Путевой дворец – это один из прекраснейших памятников архитектуры России. Планировка дворца представляет собой «покои»: центральный корпус, где находится парадный двухцветный зал западный и восточный флигель два крестообразных в плане павильона — церковь Великомученицы Екатерины и иконостас работы В. Л. Боровиковского. До нашего времени, к сожалению, не сохранились двухэтажный служебный флигель, состоявший из одноэтажных крыльев и центральной части, и великолепные конюшни и каретный сарай.
Сегодня в здании дворца размещается Государственный объединенный историко-архитектурный и литературный музей и Тверская областная картинная галерея.
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Переведите текст на англиский язык уровнем 5 класса:
Когда мои мама и папа были моложе, чем сейчас, папа на 8 Марта подарил маме плюшевую игрушку – тигрёнка из сказки «Аладдин». Мама эту игрушку очень любила и берегла. Игрушка очень красивая: спинка, лапы и хвост рыжего цвета в чёрную полоску, а шейка и брюшко – белые. Глазки песочного цвета, а зрачки чёрные – совсем как настоящие. Усы длинные и колючие. Ушки – бело-чёрные, а подушечки лапок – мягкие, словно бархатные. А когда я родился (в год Тигра), мне его родители подарили. Я очень люблю свою игрушку, даже имя ему придумал – Гарфилд! Гарфилд всегда со мной рядом: когда я сплю, играю, делаю уроки. Конечно, он не такой новый, как 12 лет назад, но я его очень сильно люблю, это моя самая любимая игрушка!
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Перепишите следующие предложения; подчеркните в каждом из них глагола сказуемое и определите его видовременную форму и залог. Переведите на русский язык.
1) Scientists still haven’t found a cure for cancer.
2) I am using John’s mobile phone because I left mine at home.
3) The new hospital was built by the local govemment.
4) A new security system will be installed in all our offices in the next few weeks.
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Russian Cuisine is a mixture ofmany cultural traditions. Rus­ sian cuisine includes all kinds of vegetables, mushrooms, meat, milk products, honey, fruits and berries, and a variety of wheat, barley, and rye grains.
The Russian people have always been gourmets. Many names of Russian dishes and liquors have become international. For ex­ ample: vodka, Mini, piroshki, pelmeni.
In Moscow restaurants you can taste the traditional Russian fish soup “ukha” with a huge crawfish. There is a big choice of appetizers, soups on the menu: Russian meat soup with fresh cab­ bage — shchi, meat and fish soup — solyanka, kidney soup with dills — rassolnik, fish soup — ukha, okroshka soup, green sorrel soup and cold beetroot soup — svekolnik.
For snacks the guests can taste cold meat dishes: ham, cold boiled pork — buzhenina, jellied tongue, meat jelly with horse­- radish sauce and various salads. The waiters recommend the guests pressed and red caviar, salmon, stuffed pike-perch, stur­ geon in aspic, herring, marinated herring, smoked sprats and so on. The guests can also choose blini with caviar and salmon.
For the main course the guests can order sturgeon ofany kind — boiled, steamed or on a spit. There are a lot of meat dishes on the menu: roast veal, beef-Stroganoff, minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves —golubtsi, roast chicken, roast duck, goose stuffed with apples and sauerkraut, and so on. Russians are great lovers ofpelmeni, small Siberian meat pies boiled in broth.
Russian cooking has a great variety of desserts. Kissel has been a favorite dish for many centuries. Kissel is made from fresh or dried fruits or from berries. For dessert you can also have ap­ ples baked with sugar, fruit and berry juice.
Russian cuisine is famous for a large variety of milk products: cottage cheese — tvorog, thick sour cream — smetana, and Russian yogurts — kefir and ryazhenka.
The guests can taste various Russian pies. They are pies with fish filling — rasstegai, a pie with meat or cabbage filling — kulebiaka, open tarts with curd — vatrushki.
Russian honey-cakes are called prianiki, thick О-shaped rolls are called boubliki, dry О-shaped rolls are called baranki or sooshki. Wheat loaves have dozens of varieties. As to rye bread, Russians eat more of it than any nation in the world — a peculiarity of the Russian diet.
gourmet [guamei] гурман
sauerkraut [’sauskraut] кислая капуста kidney [’kidm] почки
green sorrel soup зеленый суп со щавелем loaves [Touvz] буханки
rye bread [rai] ржаной хлеб peculiarity [pi’kjudiasriti] особенность
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Once upon a time, there was a very fast hare and slow tortoise.
The hare always laughed at the tortoise because he was so slow.
All the animals were tired of listening to the hare. then one day the tortoise surprised them all: 'Let's have a race tomorrow then!'
The next day, when they started the race, the hare jumped forward. Very soon he was fas ahead of the tortoise.
It was a very sunny day and the hare was very hot. 'There's a tree. I can rest under it!'
A few hours later, the tortoise passed the sleeping hare.
Suddenly, the hare opened his eyes and looked around. He saw the tortoise at the finish line!
The tortoise was the winner! The hare learned his lesson that day: ' Keep on going and don't stop until you cross the finish line!'
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Переведите текст на русский язык без помощи других онлайн-переводчиков. Даже не добавляйте перевод, если перевели через онлайн-переводчик (я его сразу узнаю, т. К сам проверял). Буду сразу подавать жалобу и вы так и так не получите баллов за использование переводчика, который переводит не пойми как и что! Помощи у людей, кто мастерски переводит с английского на русский!
From a leaflet explaining women’s rights at work:
Women cannot be dismissed on the grounds of pregnancy or childbirth. They are entitled to up to 26 weeks maternity leave, and to receive maternity pay during this period. If a woman has completed 26 weeks of continuous service with her employer by the beginning of the 14th week before the expected birth of her child, she can take another 26 weeks: this is usually unpaid, but some companies will make contributions. She must give her employer at least 28 days’ notice of the date on which she intends to begin her leave. Women are also allowed to take reasonable time off work before the child is born for antenatal care. If a company has to suspend a woman on the grounds of maternity (because, for example, the work she is doing might endanger the unborn child), it must offer her alternative employment or continue to pay her normal salary. (Note that fathers are entitled to two weeks’ paid paternity leave. Both parents can also take another 13 weeks’ unpaid parental leave).
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The Kyoto Prize is Japans equivalent of the Nobel Prize. The awards are given to individuals or groups who have made “significant contributions to the progress of science, the development of civilisation, and the enrichment and elevation of the human spirit.” The sponsor of the Prizes is the Inamori Foundation, founded in 1984 by Kazuo Inamori, a successful businessman in ceramics and electronics.
Every November, three winners of the Kyoto Prizes receive a diploma, a gold watch and 50 million yen. The prizes are given to scientists, philosophers and even filmmakers.
Inamori has criticised modern culture for ignoring our emotional and spiritual development and feels that more recognition should be given to those who work for the common good.
He believes that if we use our intelligence properly, we can create a new way of thinking, one that does not add to human suffering.
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