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Напишите в крации с переводом про высоцкого на англ по пунктам
1 имя
2 дата рождения
3 ранние годы
4 поздние годы
5 за что известен
6дата смерти
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Переведите с русского на английский, только без переводчика
1. Искусство создаёт образ, оно выражает внутренний и внешний мир человека, а также чувства, которые он испытывает в ту или иную минуту. И искусство оно так прекрасно.
2. Искусство создают для того что бы отобразить мир с той стороны, с которой мы не можем его разглядеть. Помогает людям соприкоснуться с чем то неосязаемым.
3. Я считаю что любое искусство направлено к человеку, оно с ним взаимосвязано. Человек черпает вдохновение из окружающего мира и начинает вторить нечто прекрасное, он создает искусство
4. Я согласна с этой фразой. Будь то музыка, живопись или поэма, все это искусство. Оно отображает душу народа, в котором создается искусство.
5. Я не знаю что может создать хорошее искусство. Но я точно знаю что искусство связано с идеалами людей с их жизнью и деятельностью. Ведь исходя из идеалов может создаться картина или мелодия. Человек может черпать вдохновение для создания чего-то прекрасного из своей работы, семьи, природы и жизни в целом.
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Напишите 10 приложений в прошлом времени о себе о девочке на английском языке с переводом
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Переведите текст. И напишите как читается. ж
Helen: You re so lucky Tom. You travel all over the world.I never leave Melbourne!
tom: Yes,I like travelling a lot.It s fantastic to see new places!
Helen: What countries did you visit hast year?
Tom:First,I went to dubai.It was December.But it was very dry and very hot.There are lots of modern,white buildings.Interesting place,I enjoyed it.
Helen:Wow!What s the next city?
Tom: Ln January l was in new York.It s a beautiful city.Buidings are very tall.There are a lot of skyscrapers You can find food from every country in the world.
Helen:And Paris!Did you go to Paris?That s where l want to go!
Tom: Very nice,wonderful old buildings.And of course very romantic.
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Перевод на русский
10 балл

1. Luke isn’t well, so his dad’s going to stay at home to look after him.
2. Look at Jill’s costume! It’s fabulous.
3. Let’s go into town and look round the shops.
4.If you don’t understand a word, you can look it up in the dictionary.
5. We always look forward the summer holidays.
6. I can’t find my wallet. Could you help me to look for it?
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переведите текст на английский язык на завтра :
Моя семья
Моя семья -это мама папа я и моя младшая сестра. Моя мама очень добрый человек, всегда поймет и поддержит в трудую минуту. У нас с мамой нет секретов -мы лучшие друзья. Мой папа является главой семьи. Он работает водителем. Мы очень благодарны ему за то, что он делает для нас. Моя младшая сестра учится в 6 классе. Учится она хорошо. Она занимается рукоделием и я тоже. Моя семья очень дружная моя семья очень много значит для меня. Семья-это единственные люди, которые будут всегда любит и понимать меня-это моя семья. Люди которые будут всегда любить и понимать меня.
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Письменно переведите текст
US Customs inspector Harry Standish arrived at Customs inspection
station number eleven. Shortly before that, a red light on a wall panel near the centre of the big Customs Hall indicated that an inspecting office had a problem and needed supervisory help. Most of the passengers who had
arrived aboard Scandinavian Airlines DC-8 from Copenhagen, a Cleared
had cleared Customs and had left. Only this well-dressed American woman,
Mrs. Harriet
Mossman, who had just returned from a month trip around England, France
and Denmark, insisted that all she had were new shoes. The total declared
value was ninety dollars — ten dollars less than she was allowed duty-free,
The young officer had been suspicious. To begin with, six dresses, all of good
quality — had had their labels removed. The cut of the dresses was unmistakable
French, so was the tailoring of‘ the fur coat. The same thing was with three
expensive sweaters. They also were without labels, and were unmistakable from
Scotland, in typical British shades, not available in the United States. All this and much else customs officers learned as part of their training.
"Madam," Inspector Standish said, "is there anything“ else you wish to
declare?” Mrs. Mossman answered indignantly: "There certainly isn’t!”
"In that case, Madam," Inspector Standish said, "will you kindly open your
handbag!” The woman protested, "But surely, purses are never inspected. I’ve
been through Customs many times… " "Normally, they are not. But we do
have the right."
Reluctantly, Mrs. Mossman opened her purse. Harry Standish inspected
lipstick and a gold compact. When he probed the powder in the compact, he
extracted a diamond and ruby ring. There was a tube of hand lotion, partially
used. When be pressed the tube near the top, there was something hard inside.
He wondered when smugglers would come up with something original.
Such old tricks. He had seen them all many times. He thought of the foolishness of Mrs. Mossman and the many like her. If she had been honest about the coat and dresses, and declared them the duty payable it would not have been great, especially for someone who was clearly well to do. Certainly her handbag would not have been opened and she wouldn’t have been caught red-handed.
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Напишите короткую газетную заметку на тему «Семейные развлечения», используя около 70-80 слов. На англ.
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на до перевести правильно и точно на английский язык. Только не в переводчике там могут быть ошибки.
А. Красные продукты помогают вам двигаться и дают энергию. Также они защищают вас от многих заболеваний.
В. Оранжевые продукты - пища для мозга. Они помогают сосредоточиться на важных вещах и содержат витамин С, который помогает организму бороться с инфекциями.
С. Желтые продукты делают нас более оптимистичными. Они поднимают настроение и к тому же, очень вкусные.
D. Зеленые продукты хороши для эмоционального баланса. Они очень успокаивают и содержат витамины, способствующие укреплению костей.
Е. Для вечернего перекуса лучше всего подойдут синие продукты. Они успокаивают как эмоционально, так и физически.
F. Ну а фиолетовые продукты - делают вас более творческими. И к тому же придают омолаживающий эффект
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Перевод текста Each year, the top high-school science students in the United States enter the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. This contest is the most prestigious of its kind. Finalists of this competition win cash awards in the thousands and have very high chances of being accepted to the top universities of the USA. Each year, the top 300 applicants are announced in mid-January. In late January, the 40 finalists are informed; they compete in March in Washington, D.C. at the National Academy of the sciences for the top ten spots, which have scholarships ranging from $20,000 to $100,000 for the first prize winner. In addition, all finalists receive $5,000 scholarships and an Intel Centrino powered laptop. The Nobel Prizes were founded by Swedish industrialist and scientist Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite in 1866.
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Перевести на анг. Яз. Не используя переводчик г.
главная идея проекта «Атлет во благо» - это объединение людей, любящих спорт, во имя общего хорошего дела. «Бежать в пользу другого человека, который сам не всегда может это делать, мотивирует тебя. Это дает тебе дополнительные силы, ты знаешь, что делаешь это не только для себя, а ты делаешь это ради другого, говорит Ирина. Вот это самое главное чувство и на это чувство люди приходят сами». Все атлеты бежали в новых ярких футболках «Атлет во благо», чтобы привлечь внимание к проблеме восприятия людей с синдромом Дауна.
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Помогите перевод текста 25 балл
You’ve been studying hard for your final exams all
year and finally they’re over. Ifs time to start
applying for your first job and earning money, or
applying to go to university, or is it? Some people
decide to do something quite different before they
settle down to a full-time job or education.
Every year, thousands of young adults from all over the world
take part in a once-in-a·lifetime adventure. Voluntary
organisations such as the ’International Voluntary Service’ and
’Operation Raleigh’ offer young adults the chance to live abroad,
and work on projects which help the community or the
environment. Volunteers can be found in Greece helping to
protect the falling numbers of black bears, working in residential
homes in Portugal or even helping gorillas in Rwanda. There are
110 pre-conditions in terms of nationality, ability, qualifications or
social background. Volunteers need only a passport, a
reference, and enthusiasm.
According to T1m Grieve. who works with young adults on
these projects, ’This is a unique learning experience for anyone who takes part - and an opportunity to build up friendships all
over the world. Each volunteer is looked after by someone from
the host project, and every participating country provides
Kate, a volunteer who worked in a children’s home in India,
told us why she decided to volunteer, ’I wanted to feel that I was
going to do something really useful. I had an idea that I could
make a difference.’ Most volunteers are not paid wages or a
salary, but are given accommodation and food, and sometimes
receive an allowance. Training is usually offered to volunteers
both before and during their time away - and they can get
advice on finding other employment after their return to their
own country.
So what do people get out of volunteering? Nick, who worked
with elephants in Malawi last year, says. ’One day I was sitting
in my bedroom in London looking at elephants on the TV, the
next day I was staring into the eyes of an elephant and helping
to scrub his back. I made loads of friends that I wouldn’t have
made in London, and had some incredible experiences. It
changed my outlook on life:
Volunteering can help you develop skills which are attractive
to employers and universities, such as independence. initiative
and social skills. So what are you waiting for? Anyone who is
interested in volunteering, or wants further information, can
contact their nearest volunteer agency, or look for opportunities
on the many volunteer websites on the Internet.
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Переведите текст,

The Clarks live in a tiny flat on the top floor of a block of flats in the city centre. It has central heating, so it is very warm in the winter. It doesn’t have air conditioning because the summers are never very hot. They were lucky to find this apartament because a good and cheap accomodation is very scarse in the city and it’s easier to find a flat in a new estate on the outskirts of the city or in the suburbs.
Their dream is to move to the country and live in an old cottage in a little village. Where they live now, their neighbours are always complaining about the noise when Jane plays her trumpet, and they haven’t got enough room for all their things: there aren’t enough shelves for thw children’s books and the wardrobe in their bedroom is not big enough for their clothes.
But if they did find a place in the country, they would have to buy it and pay more money every month they pay for their flat an the moment. Still, they wouldn’t mind if they could live somewhere that is more spacious and quiet.
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Задай вопрос из школьного предмета
10 - 11 классы, Английский язык

Переведите без переводчика :3

The United States of America lies in the central part of the North American Continent between the two oceans: the Atlantic ocean in the East and the Pacific Ocean in the West. Canada in the North and Mexico in the South are the only countries that have borders with the USA. The USA consists of three separate parts. They are the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, Alaska and the main part. There are fifty states in the USA. They are very different in size, population and economic development. The smallest state is Rhode Island and the biggest is Texas. The total area of the USA is about 9 million square kilometres. The population is about 230 million people. The USA is a big country and the climate conditions are very different in different places. There are many big cities in the United States: New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles are the biggest of them. The USA economically is the most powerful country in the world. The USA is a parliamentary republic. The government has three branches: the Congress, the President and the Supreme Court. There are two political parties in the United States: the Democratic Party, their symbol is a donkey, and the Republican Party, their symbol is an elephant. The president is elected for a 4-year term and not more than two times. The Congress has two houses; the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the country.
транскрипция переводите
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Перевод текста There he is. Excuse me. Can we speak to Rik Morrel please? Sorry he doesn’t speak to anybody. Oh no. theyl’re driving away. Fllow their car. There it is. That’s his house. Wow! They left the city and headed for the desert. Hello. How can i help you. Can we have our capsule blac, please.so we must find the rest of the capsule. I can help you
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перевести текст по английскому.
What is a computer?
A computer is an electronic machine which can accept data in a certain form, process the data, and give the results of the processing in a specified format as information.
First, data is fed into the computer’s memory. Then, when the program is run, the computer performs a set of instructions and processes the data. Finally, we can see the results (the output) on the screen or in printed form (see Fig. 1 below).
A computer system consists of two parts: hardware and software. Hardware is any electronic or mechanical part you can see or touch. Software is a set of instructions, called a program, which tells the computer what to do. There are three basic hardware sections: the central processing unit (CPU), main memory and peripherals
Perhaps the most influential component is the central processing unit. Its function is to execute program instructions and coordinate the activities of all the other units. In a way, it is the’brain’of the computer. The main memory (a collection of RAM chips) holds the instructions and data which are being processed by the CPU. Peripherals are the physical units attached to the computer. They include storage devices and input/ output devices.
Storage devices (hard drives, DVD drives or flash drives) provide a permanent storage of both data and programs Disk drives are used to read and write data on disks. Input devices enable data to go into the computer’s memory. The most common input devices are the mouse and the keyboard. Output devices enable us to extract the finished product from the system. For example, the computer shows the output on the monitor or prints the results onto paper by means of a printer.
On the rear panel of the computer there are several ports into which we can plug a wide range of peripherals - a modem, a digital camera, a scanner, etc. They allow communication between the computer and the devices. Modern desktop PCs have USB ports and memory card readers on the front panel.
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Напишите по английски русскими буквами произношения слов, не перевод. My birthday is on the 12th of march.i usually have a birthday party.We decorate our flat and invite my friends.They give me nice presents. My mother cooks a birthday cake.I decorate it with candles. We have a lot of fun.We play games dance and drink tea with a piece of cake.My friends sing Happy birthday to you!I am ver happy!
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Помогите с переводом с английского на русский! What is chemistry?
All definitions ofchemistry include the study of matter.
Matter is defined as anything that hasmass and occupies space.
All matter isarranged or organized.
The way isarranged is called its structure.
The partsof the structure and the ratio in which theyare organized are called its composition.
Inaddition, all matter has characteristics orproperties.
That is, each substance hasasset of properties that are characteristicsof that substance and give it a unique orspecial identity.
Thais physical or chemicalproperties are the “personality traits” ofthat substance.
In brief, chemists study theproperties, the composition, and thestructure as well as the reactions ofmatter.
They also study changes in thecomposition and the structure as well asthe reactions of matter, especially ofatomic and molecular systems.
Basically, chemistry is a science that deals with thecomposition and properties of substancesand with the reactions by whichsubstances are produced from, orconverted into, other substances.

People have practiced chemistry sinceancient time.
The Egyptian, Arabic, Greek, and Roman cultures each contributedsignificant developments were empirical.
That is, they were achieved by trial anderror and were not based on any validtheory of matter.
The chemists (500-1600A.D.) whose practical goal was to changebase metals into gold and to prolong life, also contributed to the development ofchemistry.
However, it was not until the17th and 18th centuries that modernchemistry began to develop throughsystematic experimentation, called thescientific method, is usually credited withbeing the most important single factor inthe development of chemistry ant itsapplication to technology.

Chemistry is related to physics, anotherbasic branch of science.
It is also related tobiology, the science of life, because lifeitself is basically a complicated system ofinterrelated chemical processes.

The range or scope of chemistry is verywide.
In fact, it includes the whole universeand every animate (living) and inanimate(nonliving) thing in it.
Chemistry may bebroadly classified into two main branches: organic chemistry (the chemistry of livingthings) and inorganic chemistry (thechemistry of nonliving things).
Through thestudy of chemistry we try to learn andunderstand the principles and laws thatcontrol the activity of all matter.

Chemists may try to observe and toexplain natural situations, or phenomena, or they may invent experiments that willshow the composition and structure ofcomplex substances that are unknown innature.

Even though the total of chemicalknowledge is so enormous that no onecould learn all of it in one’s lifetime, thebasic concepts are not difficult.
In fact, these fundamental concepts in chemistryhave become part of the educationrequired for many professionals in a widevariety of fields and they have contributedto the rapid growth of technology.
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. Нам учительница сказала нельзя пользоваться переводчиком только словорём перевести этот текс-Я учусь в лицее. Я в 6 классе. Уроки в нашей школе интересные. Учителя в нашей школе хорошо преподают урок и не только. В не классной жизни у нас происходят мероприятия конкурсы внеурочки. На класных часах мы обсуждаем дела класса. У нас хороший классный руковдитель. Наш класс дружный мы всегда помогаем друг другу. Мы участвуем в разных конкрсах среди парарели и дружной командой занимаем почётные места. Мне моя школа очень нравятся даже если об ней скажут по другому
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Сочинениие на английском на тему "Семейные развлечения" и рядом перевод на русский. Минимум 8-9предложений
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Although the work at Xerox PARC was crucial, it was not the spark that took PCs out of the hands of experts and into the popular imagination. That happened in January 1975, when the magazine Popular Electronics put a new kit for hobbyists, called the Altair, on its cover, for the first time, anybody with $400 and a soldering iron could buy and assemble his own computer. The Altair inspired Steve Wosniak and Steve Jobs to build the first Apple computer, and a young college dropout named Bill Gates to write software for it. Meanwhile, the person who deserves the credit for inventing the Altair, an engineer named Ed Roberts, left the industry he had spawned to go to medical school. Now he is a doctor in a small town in central Georgia.
To this day, researchers at Xerox and elsewhere pooh- pooh the Altair as too primitive to have made use of the technology they felt was needed to bring PCs to the masses. In a sense, they are right. The Altair incorporated one of the first single-chip microprocessor — a semiconductor chip, that contained all the basic circuits needed to do calculations — called the Intel 8080. Although the 8080 was advanced for its time, it was far too slow to support the mouse, windows, and elaborate software Xerox had developed. Indeed, it wasn’t until 1984, when Apple Computer’s Macintosh burst onto the scene, that PCs were powerful enough to fulfill the original vision of researchers.
Researchers today are proceeding in the same spirit that motivated Kay and his Xerox PARC colleagues in the 1970s: to make information more accessible to ordinary people. But a look into today’s research labs reveals very little that resembles what we think of now as a PC. For one thing, researchers seem eager to abandon the keyboard and the monitor that are the PC’s trademarks. Instead they are trying to devise PCs with interpretive powers that are more humanlike — PCs that can hear you and see you, can tell when you’re in a bad mood and know to ask questions when they don’t understand anything.
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1. Ты попьешь чай со мной? Нет. Я никогда не пью чай в это время.
2. Почему ты смотришь на меня? У меня что-то (anything) на лице?
3. Это моя тетя. Она работает в школе. Она учительница.
4. Твоя собака умеет плавать? Да. Но она не любит это.
5. Что ты ешь? Это яблоко.
6. Он ходит в кино по субботам? Да.
7. Я люблю зиму. Я могу кататься на коньках.
8. Что у тебя на столе?
9. Мой папа не работает по вторникам.
10. Кто сидит на диване? Это мой друг.
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