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1. Yum! That’s looks delicious. It’s for Robbie’s sixteenth birthday.
2. A while later.
Oh no! Look at the cake! Larry! Lulu!
3.No! I was in my room with Paco! Look at this cake! Larry, was it you?
4. It wasn’t me! We were in the garden! Lulu?
5. Then, who was it? Hmm, I think I know!
6. Look! Chuckles is having a chimp’s tea party!
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Перевести текст
The educational system in Russia and in Great Britain
Now this theme is very up-to-date because one day every child has to go to school to become clever and well-educated. Growing up we began thinking about our future life and what type of school would be better for us. I am fond of learning languages especially English. One day the question was set for me where to go to study: to continue my education in Russia or to go abroad in Great Britain. To decide it I need to find out and compare these two educational systems.
Educational system in Great Britain: The modern system of education consists of early childhood education, primary education, secondary education, higher education. Across the country a free public education for all children exists. Children aged from 5 to 16 years are included. The duration of the school year is 38 weeks. The year is divided into trimesters, which are separated by vacation: summer (6 weeks), Christmas and Easter (2-3 weeks). A week break is provided in the mid-trimester. The working week lasts for 5 days. The school day lasts from 9:00 to 15:30 with a lunch break and morning prayers. Schools which are paid are private ones which are free are called public. In the UK there are two types of schools: grammar and combined. The most widespread type is combined school. They take the primary school graduates with different levels of mental abilities. They were organized with the aim of creating equal opportunities for education. In grammar schools the child receives a general upper secondary education. The basis of teaching in these schools, the principle of differentiated curriculum. High School is completed by passing the exam GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).
The educational system in Russia: Today’s educational system in Russia is federal, centralized. Currently, it consists of: pre-school education, primary education, secondary education within 5 years, full secondary education, higher education. Formal education is from 7 to 18 years. The duration of the school year is 34 weeks. Students are trained 5-6 days a week. In Russia, many types of secondary schools (f.e. common schools, lyceums, gymnasiums) and the variety of educational programs. In Russia, as in the UK private and public schools exist. Basic education lasts for 9 years (9 classes). It is completed by passing the exam "GIA" (State Final Attestation). After finishing 9 classes students receive an incomplete secondary education. At the end of the 11th form students pass the exam "RSE"(Russian State Exam) in order to get the certificate of finishing school.
Conclusion: All in all, I conducted the comparative analysis of my research in these systems of education and made a conclusion of the differences. They are: the grades of education; the duration of the year; the types of school; the specification of studying programs; the age of students; types of passing exams.
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Переведите текст про колумба:
most people in Columbus days thought that the Earth flat, and they do not believe that is the Atlantic Ocean of India. he decided to sail the West, as he was sure the planet was round. were three caravels: "Santa Maria", "Nina" and "pint". after sailing 4000 miles he reached some of the Earth’s crew saw something like White cliffand cried out "Tierra! Tierra!" Columbus thought that it must be in India, but it was not. it was a new Earth new continent. it was America. Columbus behalf of the Earth they reached the San Salvador ("Holy Redeemer" people began to talk about the ground, as "new world European people came to the new light on many reasons some was hoping to find the gold and silver. priests and missionaries came to bring the Christian religion Indians. among those who came freedom was a small group of people called the pilgrims they would like to start a new life, and do not have religious problems were England. in 1620 on the ship" мейфлауэр "they landed in the North-East of America. they created colony and is called that part of the country" new England 2. respond to questions.
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Нужно сделать диалог. Вот тема. Вы хотите пригласить своего друга по переписке из Канады, чтобы остаться со своей семьей в летнее время.
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Перевести на русский
1 Jess and Daniel are a really lovely couple, aren’t they?
2 We didn’t do much. We just talked for a bit.
3 Do you think opposites attract?
4 I don’t think he’s the one for her.
5 He would never leave her side.
6 I had an early night.
7 They get on well together, don’t they?
8 She’s head over heels in love with him.
9 His genius was unrecognized in his lifetime.
10 I did some stuff on the computer.
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Перевод и транскрипция с английского на русский слова kingdom, state, sing, industrial, industry,saint, consist fo, surprise, be surprised at, lonely, careful, careless, carefully, carelessly, especially.
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Переведите (Только чтобы был точный перевод а не как в Переводчиках)
Мое самое любимое место отдыха это село. Я выбрал это место потому что я люблю отдыхать на природе. В. Я провожу свои выходные и каникулы. Это красивое место. В. Есть много моих знакомых и друзей. На выходных и каникулах я приезжаю навещать их. В этом селе главная достопримечательность это природа. Мне это место очень нравится. Там я провел все лето и понял что без природы человек не может жить.
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Прочитайте и переведите текст на русский язык.
Cinemas in London
London is full of cinemas and cinema clubs, some of them showing a large number of continental films. Cinema-going is a regular habit for a considerable number of people in London; the number of cinema-goers is much larger than that of theatre-goers. Unfortunately, the cinema in Britain is looked upon as rather an entertainment than «the arts». As a result, comparatively few films of international standard of quality are shot in Britain, and if they are, they are often a commercial failure.
If you want to know which films are on, there are many publications to help you. Any daily newspaper will have a short list of films and shows; some newspapers on sale in the middle of the day give the full list of films supplied with the hour when they begin.
Some cinemas show films in the afternoon, early evening and late evening; others have continuous programmes from about two o’clock in the afternoon till late at night.
In case you want to watch a film which is a hit of the season, with a popular actor or actress starring, and can’t get to the cinema early enough to get tickets, you can buy them in advance in most large stores and hotels.
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Переведите текст на английский:
Сегодня я хочу рассказать про Софиевский парк.
Софиевский парк – с его изумительными ландшафтами, сказочными гротами, зеркальными прудами и фантастическими скульптурами – наряду со знаменитыми парками Версаля, Потсдама и Флоренции входит в число красивейших парков мира. Однако «Софиевка», которую восторженные посетители называют храмом природы, – не только одно из самых очаровательных мест Украины, но и один из самых романтичных ее уголков! Что неудивительно, ведь создавался этот потрясающий памятник ландшафтного искусства во имя любви, и вот уже на протяжении более 200 лет является ее символом.
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Нужно перевести текст на английский язык
о книге
общее впечатление от произведения. Для меня автор открылся прежде всего как человек который способен чувствовать, а это дано не каждому.
Понравилось: интрига в начале, далее довольно захватывающий сюжет, и здорово описанное автором состояние влюбленности, настолько естественное и правдоподобное.
Не понравилось: Сложилось такое впечатление что муза покинула автора в момент встречи 3-их главных героев, дальше меня покинула интрига. Вся эта история с КГБ и инопланетянами была немножечко странной. Но в целом книга очень хорошая и интересная. Всем советую прочитать.
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Перевести на англ.:
В игре используются 54 деревянных блока. Длина каждого блока в три раза больше его ширины, а высота примерно равна половине его ширины. Для начала игры надо построить башню высотой в 18 этажей. Каждый этаж состоит из трёх блоков, положенных вплотную и параллельно друг другу. Блоки каждого следующего этажа кладутся перпендикулярно блокам предыдущего этажа.
После того как башня построена, игроки начинают ходить. Первым ходит тот, кто строил башню. Ход в дженге состоит из вытаскивания одного блока из любого уровня (за исключением того, который прямо под недостроенным верхним) башни и последующего его размещения наверху башни так, чтобы его было возможно завершить (нельзя достраивать этажи под незавершённым верхним уровнем). Для извлечения блока разрешено использовать только одну руку; вторая рука тоже может использоваться, но дотрагиваться до башни одновременно можно только одной рукой. Блоки можно подталкивать, чтобы найти тот, который свободнее всего сидит. Любой подвинутый блок можно оставить на месте и не продолжать его вынимать, если это приведёт к падению башни. Ход заканчивается тогда, когда следующий игрок дотронется до башни, или когда пройдёт 10 секунд, в зависимости от того, что случится раньше.
Игра заканчивается, когда башня падает. Падением башни считается падение любого блока кроме того, который игрок в данный ход пытается расположить наверху. Проигравшим считается тот, в чей ход произошёл обвал башни. Однако если упало только несколько блоков, то игроки могут по желанию продолжить игру.
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Нужны преимущества и недостатки (плюсы и минусы) поездки на велосипеде. На АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке с переводом на РУССКИЙ.
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Что надо подставить?
It is half past eight. We. begin our lesson
A)are B)were C)do D)must
И можно перевод предлжения.
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Sport lover, fond of sport, different skills, school team, I found myself, camps and progarammes, non-sport activities, tennis and swimming, short distance runner, make your choice, broke a record, help you to stay active, can give you exercise, give teens an opportunity
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Переводите художественный текст на русский язык.
Ever since we left the inn, my stomach had been growing distressed, and the stench that hung in the stagnant air of that street did nothing to improve it. I laid the blame on the fried fish and oysters I had eaten, but it might have been due to nervousness. Suddenly I was unsure that I was up to the task of copying a whole play. And if I failed, Falconer would not be pleased. I would have pleaded illness, but I knew that Falconer would brook no excuse short of my writing hand being lopped off—and even then he would probably insist that I transcribe left-handed.
At the end of the street, a set of narrow stone steps led to the water’s edge. Falconer took them two at a time. I followed more cautiously and caught up just as he was handing several pennies to a waterman with a small wherry-boat.
“Get in,” Falconer said.
“In the boat?” I had never imagined the theatre would lie across the river.
“No, in the water,” he said acidly and, I hoped, sarcastically.
It was no use protesting that I had never set foot in a boat in my life, and did not care to now, or that if the craft were to capsize I would be lost, for I had never learned to swim. There was nothing to do but to swallow my fear and step into the insubstantial bottom of the boat, which was all that lay between me and the Land of Rumbelow, that is to say a watery grave.
I took my place in the stern and sat gripping the gun-4 3
wales with white-knuckled hands while Falconer climbed in, rocking the boat sickeningly, and the wherryman cast off.
Without the solid earth beneath my feet, my stomach grew even queasier. Before we were halfway across, I felt my dinner coming up. I tried to hold it back and, failing, thrust my head over the side of the boat and threw my fish back into the Thames, whence it had come. Unfortunately, I leaned out a bit too far. The boat listed suddenly, and I toppled over the side.
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Напишите маленький и лёгкий проект на тему: магазин моей мечты на английском.
Желательно с переводом.
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Качественный перевод текста.
The heat treatment of steel after its formation is rather important.
The treatment of steel is now an elaborate science of its own, and it is, of course, closely connected with the contents of the steel. The heating and the quenching are designed to bring about the arrangement of the crystalline structure in the desired way, to give the required properties. For example, steels containing a high percentage of carbon may be quenched after being heated to a high temperature to make them hard, and then moderately tempered to restore toughness.
No steel is used today that has not been tested. The simplest examinations are those made with magnifying glass or a microscope.
Spectroscopic or chemical analysis, X-ray examination, and magnetic or electrical tests may be applied. Specimens are also subjected to physical tests for toughness, strength, and hardness.
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задать 10 вопросов к этому тексту (вопросы перевести )

The legend says:
“…Tanya was born in a famous Roman family. Her father was a secret Christian and brought up his daughter a honest and noble girl. She believed in God. At the age of eighteen, Tanya didn’t get married and fully devoted herself to church, looked after sick people and helped the needy.
The Christians were forced to worship the Roman gods, threatened in cases of disobedience, with cruel torture and even death. Nobody was saved, and Tanya was captured. She was taken to the Apollo’s temple to be sacrificed for him.
All the time on the way to the temple Tanya was praying with passion and suddenly a miracle happened. The temple was destroyed by an earthquake. The statue of Apollo’s, the walls, everything was broken into pieces.
Tanya’s offenders didn’t pay attention to that sign and continued to torture her. God heard her prayers. Eight executioners had believed in God and asked Tanya to forgive them. They were tortured and put to death, and Saint Tanya was tortured again, but instead of blood from her wounds flowed milk, and in the air filled with a sweet smell.
The offenders persuaded her to sacrifice to the goddess Diana. When they came to the temple, she began to pray again. And suddenly there resounded a thunder-clap and the lightning incinerated the statue of the pagan deity, the offering and priests.
And Tanya’s wounds healed, and on the next day she was more beautiful than before.
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Нарисуйте карту местности где вы проживаете покажите на карте где она находится ваша школа объясните на английском как добраться до школы с разных мест с переводом спасибо если что учебник по английскому языку автор биболетов 7 класс
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Составьте предложение из данных слов, обращая внимание на порядок слов в предложении. Переведите на русский язык получившиеся предложения.
1. Late, came, last year, she, often, to school, in spring.
2. Often, have, at about three o’clock, a cup of tea, they, at the hotel, in the afternoon.
3. Meet, at the sports ground, they, after dinner, always, their friends.
4. Enjoys, very much, swimming, in our pool, always, in the morning, she.
5. Hardly, last year, could, ski, he.
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Образуйте множественное число существительных, дайте перевод на русский язык.
1. glasses –
2. potatoes –
3. forget-me-nots –
4. crises –
5. stimuli –
6. foxes –
7. brushes –
8. brothers-in-law –
9. phenomena –
10. formulae –
11. data -
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Перевести текст Dear friend, we checked the tracking information for you.
Your parcel is normally on the way, please wait patiently.
Please check it in your mailbox or go to the local post office to check if your package arrive or not.
You could ask me to extend the purchase protection for you at the earlier next time.
Please close the dispute.
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Переведите текст.
There are some disadvantages, of course. Computers can get viruses. Computers becoming out-of-datevery quickly, they need to be replaced. The main disadvantage of computers is that staring at a screen for long periods of time can be damaging to the eyes, and sitting on a chair for hours is certainly not healthy. Also, people can be inclined to become antisocial.
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Написать маленькое(!) сочинение на английском про "символы" России. Например: Красная площадь, Третьяковская галерея, Кремль, храм Василия Блаженного, Медный всадник.
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Перевести текст на русский: Dear Lena, How are you? I’m in Velikiy Ustyug with my family. Ded Moroz lives here. My father is taking photos of his study. My mother is helping to decorate the New Year tree. My sister Tara is singing New Year’s songs with some other little children. We are having a great time in this fairytale town. Christmas and New Year are coming. Tomorrow we are going to sledge. See you soon, Jim P.S. I’ve taken some good photos of the trip. I hope you’ll put the in the school album.
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ПЕРЕВЕДИТЕ ТЕКСТ ЛИТЕРАТУРНО. БЕЗ ПЕРЕВОДЧИКАThere are professions – vocations – and people surrender themselves wholly to these professions. Undoubtedly, the profession of a teacher is one of them.
Even if you want to be a teacher you can’t become a good one. You must be born one. Love for children, an ability to communicate with them, understand and teach them – these are the most important qualities of a genuine teacher. An ability to be a genuine teacher is God’s gift; it’s a talent like the talent of a writer, an artist or a musician. In my point of view it’s even more – it’s fate. I think a teacher is like a sculptor: he moulds a personality out of a child like a sculptor creates a beautiful statue out of clay.
Pedagogy is a very complex and responsible study; probably, no less responsible than medicine. As a patient hands to the doctor the most expensive thing – his life, so parents entrust the teacher with the most valuable creature – their child. And mainly it depends on a teacher what kind of person a child will grow up to be: a genius or a villain. If you have been dreaming of become a teacher since your childhood, it’s not a problem nowadays.
In Russia there are more than 250 teachers training colleges and universities; six of them are in Moscow. Every year thousands of young people graduate from these colleges to come to school on September 1st. According to a survey, more than 70 per cent of students enter these colleges by their own choice, and it is well-known to them what difficult and sometimes ungrateful work is waiting for them after receiving their diplomas. In the process of education when they were asked whether they were sorry about their choice of profession, 60 per cent said that they were not sorry at all. Judging by these facts, I can say that teachers come to school not for money (the salary of a teacher is laughable), but they simply can’t help coming because it’s their vocation to work with children.
The profession of a teacher combines both joy and sorrow.
A person who gets pedagogical training should master a lot of knowledge. But the main thing he should understand is according to what laws and rules the personality of a child develops. The most important of them are love and mercy. Doctors have a rule: “Don’t do harm”. I think teachers must also follow this rule; because there is nothing more valuable than children and it depends on teachers what kind of people the children will become. In my opinion, a teacher is responsible for all his pupils, for, according to Antoine de Saint Exupйry we are answerable for those whom we have tamed.
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Journalist put themselves.dangerous situations. They report.wars and political protests. They go.areas where there are conflicts. They try to find out the facts.the story they are writing about. They can even be killed because.their efforts. They climb.tall mountains,dive deep.the sea. They get pictures. wild animals. Вставить пропущенные слова и перевести текст.
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5. Переведите текст на русский язык:
My Memories and Miseries As a Schoolmaster
The parents of the boys at school naturally fill a broad page in a schoolmaster’s life and are responsible for many of his sorrows. There are all kinds and classes of them. Most acceptable to the schoolmaster is the old-fashioned type of British father who enters his boy at the school and says:
“Now I want this boy well thrashed if he doesn’t behave himself. If you have any trouble with him let me know and I’ll come and thrash him myself. He’s to have a shilling a week pocket money and if he spends more than that let me know and I’ll stop his money altogether.”
Brutal though his speech sounds, the real effect of it is to create a strong prejudice in the little boy’s favour, and when his father curtly says, “Good-bye, Jack ” and he answers,“Good-bye,father,” in a trembling voice, the schoolmaster would be a hound, indeed, who could be unkind to him.
But very different is the case of the up-to-date parent. “Now I’ve just given Jim my five pounds,” he says to the schoolmaster, in the same tone as he would use to an inferi or clerk in his office, “and I’ve explained to him that when he wants any more he’s to tell you to go to the bank and draw for him what he needs.” After which he goes on to ex plain that Jimmy is a boy of very peculiar disposition, re quiring the greatest nicety of treatment; that they find if he gets in tempers the best way is to humour him and presently he’ll come round. Jimmy, it appears, can be led, if led gen tly, but never driven. During all of which time the schoolmaster, insulted by being treated as an underling, has already fixed his eye on the undisciplined young pup called Jimmy with a view of trying out the problem of seeing whether he can’t be driven after all.
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Переведите письменно текст:
Man’s conscious labor and his first tools marked the beginning of the establishment of human society. Human beings embarked upon an entirely new way of life, unlike the life led by animals. Animal can only make use of those benefits which nature provides for them. Labor freed man from this complete dependence upon nature.
With the aid of his new tools the man was able to get benefits to nature that were formerly inaccessible to him. He was also able to change these natural benefits and to make them more useful to himself. Tools of stone and wood made it possible for primitive man to considerably extend his use of material values.
Man began to kill large, strong animals and thus added quantities of nourishing meat products to his diet. He learned to work the skins of animals and used them to protect his body from the cold. Man also used his tools to build shelters. It was the production of material values that became the basis of life in human society.
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